The global tractor market is estimated to be $137 billion U.S. Dollars in 2022.* While the figures are dated in the next source, they give an indication of how large the number of tractors are in the world. It lists the number of tractors for each of 147 countries as of 2000. The U.S. was  first with 4.8 million followed by Japan with 2.03 million.** We’ll look at applications of Lean and Six Sigma in the tractor industry in India and Brazil and finish with a video of the Massey Ferguson Tractor factory in France.





Using Lean Manufacturing to Identify and Remove Bottlenecks in Tractor Manufacturing: India


In a paper titled “Lean Manufacturing Implementation in the Assembly shop of Tractor Manufacturing Company” authors Gundeep Singh and R.M. Belokar discuss the use of Lean Manufacturing to identify and remove bottlenecks in a tractor manufacturing company.

The paper includes:

  • Line Capacity with Customer Demand
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Initial Cycle Time Study
  • Cause and Effect Diagram for Increased Cycle Time on Machines
  • New Process Flow Diagram

You can read the paper here.


Using Six Sigma to Reduce Tractor Field Failures: India


In a paper titled “Six Sigma Process Improvements in Farm Equipment Production” author Anupama Prashar discusses the use of Six Sigma to reduce field failures of tractors.

The paper includes:

  • Pareto Analysis of Failures Based on Warranty Claims
  • Process Flow Map
  • Cause and Effect Diagram for Relief Valve Assembly Failure
  • Pareto Analysis of Defects
  • Cause and Effect Diagram for Relieve Valve Failure at Receipt Stage
  • Hypotheses Testing Table
  • Process Capability Analysis Results
  • Box Plot Analysis
  • Percent Rejection at Warranty Stage After Improvements

You can read the paper here.


Value Stream Mapping Applied to Improvements for Tractor Undercarriage Components: Brazil


In an article titled “Use of value stream mapping to evaluate the implementation of Conwip and Kanban in a manufacturing company” authors Davi Cabral Rosa and João Carlos Espíndola Ferreira discuss the analysis and proposed improvements to a company that manufactures undercarriage components for tractors.

The paper includes:

  • Current State Map
  • Future State Map
  • Implementation Plan of Future State Map

Copy and paste the following link into your browser to access the article.


French Massey Ferguson Tractor Production


Take a tour of the Massey Ferguson Tractor Production Factory in Beauvais, France in this video from Automotive Garage.


You can watch the video here.



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