The number of electric cars in the world continues to grow.  Between the years 2012 and 2021, 17,607,610 electric vehicles were sold globally (all-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles combined).* Lean and Six Sigma methodologies contribute to the quality of their manufacture.  We’ll look at several applications and finish with a video on the long history of electric vehicles.



Quality Control of Low Cost Electric Machines for Electric Vehicles: China

In a paper titled "Quality Control of Low-cost Electric Machines for Electric Vehicles by DOE Assisted Six Sigma DMADV Method " authors D.M. Wu, C.K.P. Luk and W.Z. Fei discuss a quality control approach to minimize variability of EV electric machine performance.

The authors focus on the machining accuracy that is controllable in the design stage and use the Design For Six Sigma methodology DMADV and Design Of Experiments (DOE) to accomplish their goal.

You can read the paper here.


Tesla Motors and Lean Manufacturing

In an article titled “Tesla Motors and Lean Manufacturing” author Pedro Fernandez Garces discusses the Lean management concept and how Tesla Motors applied it successfully.

Most of the article focuses on Tesla and Elon Musk. Beginning on page 22 of 30 the author discusses how Tesla applies Lean thinking.

You can access the article here.


Applying Lean Six Sigma in an Action Research Framework to Improve Manufacturing

In a case study titled “Conducting Action Research to Improve Operational Efficiency in Manufacturing: The Case of a First-Tier Automotive Supplier” authors J. Vicente Tébar-Rubio, F. Javier Ramírez and M. José Ruiz-Ortega discuss the work of a multidisciplinary collaborative work team tasked with deploying the Action Research initiative in combination with Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma tools.

The study focuses on the implementation of continuous improvement tools from Lean Six Sigma in the manufacturing process of a factory belonging to the multinational company MAHLE, a first-tier supplier for the leading car manufacturers that it is laying the basis for the worldwide introduction of electric mobility

The project in the study referred to focuses on the power filter device (PFD) a key component for the management of the battery charge in electric vehicle engines.

The study includes:

  • Photos of PFD and its Position in the Motor
  • Coil Assembly Line – Main Operations
  • Coil Assembly Current Value Stream Map
  • Summary of the Goals, Metrics, and Tools in the Learning Cycles
  • Coil Assembly Line: Main Operations After Improvements
  • Future Value Stream Map
  • Key Performance Metrics Before and After the Action Research Initiative

You can read the study here.


The History of Electric Vehicles

There’s a long history of electric vehicles. Learn about it in this video from Eco Snooki.

You can watch the video here.




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