ISSSP Accreditation Advisory Committee

The ISSSP Accreditation Advisory Committee (AAC) is made up of four ISSSP member volunteers, who were chosen based on their knowledge of Six Sigma and active Master Black Belt status. None of the members work for an independent training organization to avoid any conflicts of interest.

The Committee has developed the Minimum ATO Requirements, ISSSP Standards, ATO Terms & Conditions, and Intellectual Property Guide that Six Sigma training organizations must meet to be considered for accreditation. The Committee has chosen to allow any Six Sigma BOK to be used, as long as it meets the minimum requirements set forth by the Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. In addition, the Committee has approved a Training Day Equivalents set of definitions to account for partial time blocks as a key part of the minimum requirements.

It is the responsibility of the AAC to review the ATO Accreditation application formal report presented by the ISSSP Accreditation Representative. The  AAC will then have three options, approve, deny, or request more information up to and including the possibility of a site visit. The AAC will also handle any appeals involving denied applications, ATO's in violation, or complaints filed by students.

Please get to know the ISSSP member volunteers listed below, who make up the Accreditation Advisory Committee

Jewel Brodie-Reid
Jewel Brodie-ReidOperational Excellence Leader | Certified Master Black Belt | Certified Life Coach | Motivational Speaker | Author
Director of Operational Excellence at Global Biotechnology Firm & Sr. Process Improvement Consultant at Javery Group Consulting

Jewel Brodie-Reid is an accomplished Process Improvement Consultant with diverse experience leading & coaching successful corporate projects using Six Sigma methodology. During Jewel’s career, she has implemented quality initiatives that saved millions of dollars for various companies. Jewel is also a Certified Life Purpose Coach®️ who helps clients identify their purpose and live to their greatest potential.

Jewel earned a MS in Engineering Management and BS in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University.

Jewel is also the published author of "Anchored in Purpose:  Positioning Yourself for a Fulfilling Life."

Joel Smith
Joel SmithDirector of Rapid Continuous Improvement - Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
I am and throughout my career have been a leader and student of continuous improvement methods, with a strong passion for delivering customer value and driving out waste. The belief that only the customer can determine value and that eliminating root cause is dependent on data-based decision making and respect for employees is what powers my determination to always strive to do things better as an organization.

I have spoken at multiple national and international events on using data analysis, Lean thinking, and Six Sigma principles to drive excellence in any organization, and bring fun and energy into topics that many would find bland or academic. I am passionate about improvement and about the power of the tools that achieve it!

I am the author of the Random Thoughts column in Six Sigma Forum magazine and the Applied Statistics Manual.

Mr. Smith earned a Masters of Science in Statistics from Virginia Tech.

Kim Roquemore
Kim RoquemoreDirector of Quality and Operational Excellence - Certified Master Black Belt
Director of Quality and Operational Excellence at LMH Health

It is my privilege and mission to serve patients by creating systems that are highly reliable, focused on safety/quality and add value to the organization. This is accomplished by breaking down silos within hospitals and approaching problems as a unified team with one end-goal in mind: to create a culture of safety and assurance to those who have entrusted their health and well-being to our care. As a performance improvement professional, I collaborate with, train, motivate and work alongside staff and colleagues to facilitate measurable improvement in patient experience as well as reduce waste and variation in processes using Lean Six Sigma strategies and tools.

Ms. Roquemore has a Master of Business Administration - Business Administration and Management from LeTourneau University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude.