Interested in submitting a webinar to ISSSP? Extend your brand and reach a whole new market of like-minded Lean Six Sigma professionals. Our mission is to provide our members with a resource to gain knowledge and expand their network with like-minded professionals. ISSSP webinars provide a way for members to gain advanced knowledge in their field.

Recommended Guidelines for ISSSP-Hosted Webinars

If you would like to put together a webinar for consideration by ISSSP, here are some guidelines:

  1. Focus on a specific topic and consider your audience. The ISSSP audience is primarily those connected with the Lean Six Sigma profession.
  2. If you are the speaker and/or moderator, you should be an expert on the topic being discussed.
  3. The webinar should follow the format of a presentation, where the speaker shares a PowerPoint or similar formatted presentation with a rehearsed speech.
  4. Be sure to promote your webinar at least a month before it launches. Great methods to do this include email marketing, social media posts, and press releases. You can also sponsor Facebook or Google ads.
  5. Make your webinar engaging and involve your audience. You can do this by incorporating clickable links, invite participants to ask questions, or include polls or surveys. This will not only keep the audience engaged but will also make your webinar more memorable to your participants.
  6. Be sure to include your contact information, including information about your organization and your speakers. Always send a link to the webinar after you have concluded the presentation.

Have an idea for a new webinar?

Please fill out the webinar submission form here.

You can view a list of our past webinars here.

The ISSSP team will review your submission and be in touch if your proposal is accepted. If you already have a created webinar that you’d like to be considered for submission, please email us at

All ISSSP webinars should bring educational value to our members, and not be directly promoting a specific product or service.