Life depends on water. And the amount of water on Earth is constant.* Only 3% of this water is fresh water, the amount needed for life to survive.** Therefore it is important to conserve water. We’ll look at the use of Six Sigma in water conservation and finish with videos on the lack of water in the Native American Navajo Nation.




Using Six Sigma to Reduce Water Losses: Falkland Islands

In a case study titled “A Six Sigma Approach to Water Savings” authors Ryland Cairns and Michael Macpherson discuss the potential of a Six Sigma approach to reducing water losses through  a  combination of water efficiency and leak detection on a private distribution system.

The case study includes:

  • Eight Year Water Consumption Graph
  • Water Delivery SIPOC
  • Measurement Techniques at Various Levels of Distribution System
  • District Metered Areas Showing Losses
  • Water Efficiency Analysis-Before
  • Work Prioritization Based on Water Losses
  • Water Efficiency Analysis-After
  • Mean Daily and Annual Consumption

You can access the case study here.


Applying Six Sigma and the Water Footprint to Reduce Water Consumption: Thailand

In a paper titled “The application of water footprint and Six Sigma method to reduce the water consumption in an organization” author Karin Kandananond covers the use of Six Sigma DMAIC as a  guideline to systematically reduce the water footprint.

The paper includes:

  • Electricity Use and Water Footprints
  • Fuel Consumption and Water Footprints
  • Pareto Chart by Water Footprint
  • Cause and Effect Diagram for Blue and Green Water Footprint
  • Cause and Effect Diagram for Grey Water Footprint
  • Grey Water Footprint Causes

You can access the paper here.


Using Six Sigma to Achieve Water Conservation at Construction Projects

In a paper titled “Water Conservation at Construction Projects” authors T. Haase and others discuss the opportunities for water conservation measures using a Six Sigma initiative.

The paper includes:

  • Fishbone Diagram Identifying Causes for Lack of Water Data Capture
  • Focus Areas for Optimization of Water Consumption During Construction
  • Process Improvement Methodology for Construction Water Optimization
  • Mind Mapping Exercise
  • Water Usage – Australian Project
  • Water Usage – Africa Project
  • Improvements to Camp Water Use for Water Re-utilization
  • Water Use During Concrete Production
  • Improvements to Water Re-utilization in Concrete Production


“Based on our projected mining project workload across the globe, it is estimated that for the

period 2012 -2015, a potential 5.5 M m3 water savings resulting in $11 M USD could be realised for

construction camps and savings of 4 M m3 of peripheral concrete process water resulting in potential cost savings of $8 M USD could be achieved as a result of these revised standards.”


You can access the paper here.


Water Use in the Navajo Nation: Then and Now

Watch a video from CBS Sunday Morning on the state of water use in the Navajo Nation 8 years ago.

You can watch the video here.



What is the state of water use in the Navajo Nation 8 years later? See in this video from Fox 13 News Utah.

You can watch the video here.




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