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As a professional member, you gain access to…

  • Access to 200+ hours of archived audio-video training, 400+ articles and white papers, and 600+ presentations from top conferences and industry event not found anywhere else on the web!
  • Easy to use, extended search functionality to find what you are looking for EASILY!
  • Available 24/7, the iKNOW training tool is updated regularly with valuable content
  • Receive notoriety and recognition for your work by linking to your ISSSP Professional Portfolio


As an affiliate member, you gain access to…

  • All professional member benefits
  • A wide range of programs and sponsorship opportunities are available.
  • With ISSSP’s unique network of professionals, corporations, and resources, we can design a program to support virtually any need.
  • Use the ISSSP knowledge network to submit articles, white papers, and other published content.
  • Your contributions are promoted on ISSSP’s home page, your company’s portfolio page, in regularly scheduled email updates, and in iKnow, ISSSP’s members-only knowledgebase.
  • Receive discounts on ISSSP Events, and other eligible sponsored events!

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