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Extensive Resources Available to ISSSP Members

Video Interviews

Learn from practicing Lean Six Sigma professionals on a wide range of topics.

Access to Video Interviews

Want to learn about the early days at GE and Motorola? Get career advice? Visit our library of video interviews from leading Lean Six Sigma pros.


Visit our library of webinars and enhance your knowledge of Lean Six Sigma.

Access to Webinars

Whether you need a quick refresher on DFSS or want a little history on Motorola's Six Sigma program, we've got you covered.

Member Discounts

Take advantage of special pricing discounts for members only.

Access to Member Discounts

Get exclusive discounts on products as a benefit of your ISSSP membership.


Access our weekly blog posts for insight into the industry.

Access to Blog

Interested in how Lean and Six Sigma is being applied across various sectors? Keep up on all the scoop with our weekly blog posts!


Insightful and inspirational presentations by leading Lean Six Sigma professionals.

Access to Presentations

Hundreds of slide, video, and audio presentations on key topics from many of the top Lean Six Sigma organizations and presenters.

White Papers & Case Studies

Tap into our comprehensive library of white papers and case studies.

Access to White Papers

From technical white papers to corporate case studies, our comprehensive library covers a range of industries and topics for the most discerning Lean Six Sigma professional.

Focused Sessions

Check out our archive of focused sessions delivered by the best in the industry.

Access to Focused Sessions

Get full access to our list of focused sessions delivered by leading Lean Six Sigma professionals.

Leadership Conferences

Broaden your horizons through our inspiring leadership conference sessions.

Access to Leadership Conferences

Get insight on business strategies and learn from success stories shared during leadership conference events.

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Make your resources available to fellow ISSSP users.

Get Your Resources Listed

Have something great to share as a member? Check out our Submit Materials page for more information.

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Join ISSSP and get access to the exclusive benefits of membership. Sign up today!

Become a Member

Join ISSSP and get access to the exclusive benefits of membership. Sign up today!