“The term “correctional institution” means any prison, jail, reformatory, work farm, detention center, or halfway house, or any other similar institution designed for the confinement or rehabilitation of criminal offenders.”* Every country in the world has correctional institutions. Lean and Six Sigma have a role in improving them. We’ll look at several applications and view a video of first day tips as a corrections officer.



Lean Six Sigma Training to Improve Operational Performance

In a  short article titled “Kansas Correctional Industries takes a new approach to improve performance” the Kansas Department of Corrections discusses the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training it held to improve operational performance.

You can view the article here.


Making Corrections More Efficient with Continuous Improvement Through Lean Six Sigma


In an article titled “How corrections can become more efficient” author Mary Jo Caldwell discusses the continuous improvement program using Lean Six Sigma at the Minnesota Department of Corrections.


“We have been successful at embedding CI in our Facilities Division culture by utilizing a project team approach coupling tools from Six Sigma and Lean. This combination of methodologies provides us with a range of tools to take a system-improvement approach, rely on data to make decisions, and use process controls to sustain improvement results with our stakeholders as the focus.”


The author gives a short year by year description of their continuous improvement journey and ends with lessons learned.

Copy and paste the following link into your browser to read the article.


Reducing Incidents Requiring Response to Resistance Using Lean Six Sigma

In a Green Belt Project Report with the “Project Objective: To Reduce Incidents Requiring Response to Resistance” team members from the Miami Date County Department of Corrections present their project report.

The project report includes:

  • Project Charter
  • Check List for Monitoring Team Project
  • Costs of Response to Incidents
  • Process Flow Chart for Response to Non-compliant Inmate Incidents
  • Data Collection Needs
  • Problem Stratification
  • Potential Root Causes and Cause and Effect Diagram for Modified Problem Statement
  • Root Cause Verification
  • Identification and Selection of Countermeasures
  • Barriers and Aids
  • Countermeasures Action Plan
  • Standardization of Countermeasures
  • Lessons Learned
  • Detailed Discussion of Recommended Countermeasures

You can read the report here.


Using Lean Six Sigma to Improve Performance in a Correctional Health Care System

In a presentation titled “Getting Better: Using Lean/Six Sigma to Improve Performance in a Correctional Health Care System” authors Amy Jo Harzke and Kelly Coates discuss the use of Lean Six Sigma in correctional health care environments.

After covering the basics of Lean and Sigma and their tools, the authors discuss Lean Six Sigma in healthcare. Next they detail past applications of Lean Six Sigma methods in Texas Correctional Managed Care and projects in progress and finish with lessons learned.

You can access the presentation here.


Five Things to Expect on Day One as a Corrections Officer

Learn tips for a First Day as a Corrections Officer in this video from Guardian RFID.

You can view the video here.




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