Peter Peterka

Over the past 20+ years, hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world have dedicated their passion to making our lives better. There are different names people have given this movement, but it is about providing process owners and people inside the processes with the knowledge to make their processes better. By improving processes, it makes our lives better. The International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP) was founded in 1997 with the goal of bringing Six Sigma professionals together and fostering the growth of the methodology.

My hope is for Lean Six Sigma to have the highest professional recognition as any other recognized professions. To do this as professionals, we must maintain honesty and integrity in how we work. Twenty years ago, if you said you were a Black Belt, people would think only of a martial arts Black Belt. Today, there are thousands of open positions worldwide within organizations seeking Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma Belts. Because of all the success through results, there is a market for an untold number of individuals and organizations that are seeking to benefit themselves, without any interest in benefiting the profession.

In an effort to change this, I believe like-minded professionals with a common goal and interest should band together. The 1997 goal of ISSSP remains just as valid today. After consulting with a number of other industry professionals, practitioners, the founders of ISSSP and attorneys, ISSSP was reformed as a non-profit corporation in late 2017. ISSSP has filed an application for formal IRS status as an 501(c)(6) non-profit.

I am happy to have two additional board members, as well as at least two committees that will lead the way on this effort. The board will consist of myself, Alan Hulme-Lowe, and Lepora Flournoy. The need for a non-profit that is interested in furthering this career path is paramount.

Please explore and enjoy our website, which includes past presentations by such renowned leaders as Jack Welch, Stephen Covey, and James McNerney. We encourage feedback, suggestions, and assistance as we create an organization geared towards the best interests of Lean Six Sigma professionals and students.

Thank you again for your interest in ISSSP.

Peter Peterka
ISSSP Chairman