Virtual Reality Training Comes of Age – Are You Using It?

Virtual Reality (VR) is not just for video games. This excellent video from Digital Engineering and Magic, provider of VR training for the Electrical Power Industry, shows you an example of what it is actually like in safety training for OSHA Standards. You can view the video here. In a recent article by Gary Forger [...]

Managing Product Returns

As we transition to more online shopping and more online orders without buyers to touch and feel, a product increases the likelihood of returns. Just how should returns be processed? What does your organization do?  In a short video, Wayne Belisle, Founder & Pres. of Wayne J Belisle, CPA LLC, gives a few tips on [...]

The Anatomy of a Run Chart: Construction and Usefulness

As the foundation for this blog, we refer to two very good videos on Run Charts. While both cover the same material, they are also complementary. So, we recommend you watch both. In the first video, Michael from the Quality Improvement Division of HSE Ireland covers the Run Chart. HSE (Health Service Executive) provides all [...]

5S in a Large ICU Hospital Supply Room

In a high-speed time-lapse video, watch how nurses implement 5S in an ICU supply room to improve their workspace. 5S is a core tool used in the Lean methodology for business improvement. As indicated in the above picture, it consists of 5 steps: Sort Set in Order Shine Standardize Sustain Let’s explore each of these [...]

Saving Lives Through Lean Six Sigma – The MRAP Case Study

By 2007, over a thousand lives had been lost through IEDs destroying military HUMVEES. A solution was needed and fast. The answer was the MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle. At the time, Defense Secretary Robert Gates mandated that 1500 MRAPs needed to be fielded within a year. However, the factory at the time — SPAWAR [...]

Governance of Projects

Corporate Governance, Governance of Projects, and Project Governance, what’s the difference? Are your Lean Six Sigma projects governed? Darya Duma, Member of Procept Associates Ltd. Management Advisory Board and Senior Trainer and Consultant, clearly defines the differences and provides the requirements for Governance of Projects. At the macro level, Corporate Governance outlines the rules by [...]

Lean Six Sigma and Performance Measurement at Wisconsin DOT

We often think of state Departments of Transportation as inefficient, especially the Division of Motor Vehicles. However, Wisconsin DOT developed a strong performance measurement and continuous improvement program in 2013. Wisconsin DOT uses their MAPSS Program to measure how they are doing and have implemented Lean Six Sigma to drive improvement where needed. These core [...]

Conflict Management and Resolution

Conflict is universal, and you can expect to encounter it during Lean and Six Sigma project work. While the video from Humber Health Sciences of Canada focuses on teachers and students in a hospital setting, their recommendations for managing and resolving conflicts are generic and apply to dealing with conflict in project teams. Conflict should [...]

The Power of a Statistical Test – Revisited with Calculations

In an earlier blog, we discussed the power of a statistical test. We repeat that blog with the addition, following the video link, of referral to a suite of calculators that you can use to calculate the power in many applications you may face. First, the original blog. What is the power of a statistical [...]

8D Problem Solving

There are many problem-solving methodologies. One that has been used around the world for many years, particularly in automotive-related industries, is 8D Problem-Solving, used by Ford and required internally and of its suppliers. Ford developed 8D, also known as Team-Oriented Problem-Solving (TOPS) in 1987, which has 8 Steps: D1 – D8.  D1: Form a team [...]