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Lean and Six Sigma in Vehicle Industries

Lean and Six Sigma have a base in the vehicle industry. We’ll take a look at four applications: Vehicle Fleet Maintenance, U.S. Army Vehicle Maintenance, County Government Body Shop, and an overview of use in the trucking industry. Vehicle Fleet Maintenance  In an article titled “Application of Six Sigma Model on Efficient Use of Vehicle [...]

Writing Great Customer Support Emails

Have you ever had a confusing or frustrating chat or email with a customer service support person? Or are you in the position of providing customer support? What are the elements of great customer support emails? Many of these also apply to a live chat session with a customer. We’ll get the email answers from [...]

Lean in the Wood Furniture Industry

Lean is used for continuous improvement in the wood furniture industry, reducing waste, improving flow, implementing standard work, and reducing setup time.  We’ll look at four case studies that employ this methodology using a variety of Lean tools. Finally, we’ll reference an example video of wood chair production. Using it to Implement Standard Work In [...]

Continuous Improvement at Swiss Post Solutions

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), an outsourcing provider for business process solutions and document management, is a Switzerland Postal Service (Swiss Post) company. SPS employs continuous improvement to enhance its document management solutions. In a short video, Jörg Vollmer, CEO, says continuous improvement is their method for ensuring high quality processes and efficiency in the process chain.  [...]

Continuous Improvement in Mining

Mining can be complex and challenging. Continuous improvement programs enhance production, lower costs, reduce waste, increase safety, and save time. We’ll hear about several continuous improvement mining programs from South Africa (Platinum), Kyrgyz Republic (Gold), and Columbia (Coal). Then we’ll explore DMAIC and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) in an extensive case study from the [...]

Lean and Six Sigma in the Fish Canning Industry

The global seafood market in 2019 was valued at $159.32 billion. Of that, 12.4% or $19.8 billion was due to canned seafood.** [Sources shown at end] How can Lean and Six Sigma contribute to improvement in the fish canning industry? We’ll explore that by looking at two example case studies in the fish canning industry, [...]

Six Sigma in the Dairy Industry

The production of dairy products is made up of manufacturing processes. Therefore, the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology can be used for continuous improvement. We’ll take a look at three case studies of the DMAIC application in the dairy industry: two for milk production, and one focusing on yogurt manufacturing. Finally, we’ll refer to a video [...]

Lean Farming

Farming is a system of interrelated processes focused on production. Material flow and reducing waste are key. Therefore, it is natural that Lean would be important in making improvements in farming. Neil Fedden, managing director of Fedden USP in a video from ADHB, Britain’s Official channel of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, gives us [...]

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