The Tractor Industry: Roles for Lean and Six Sigma

The global tractor market is estimated to be $137 billion U.S. Dollars in 2022.* While the figures are dated in the next source, they give an indication of how large the number of tractors are in the world. It lists the number of tractors for each of 147 countries as of 2000. The U.S. was  [...]

The Cobra Effect – Unintended Consequences

The Cobra Effect is a great example of unintended consequences that arise when solving a problem. We’ll highlight the Cobra Effect and other examples of unintended consequences both in articles and a video and mention two Six Sigma tools that can aid in surfacing potential unintended consequences before they occur.   The Cobra Effect and [...]

Litigation, Law Firms and Lean Six Sigma

The most litigious countries in the world are the United States, Australia, Germany, and Sweden.* How much is spent on litigation in the US? As of 2016, the cost of litigation was $429 billion, or 2.3 percent of U.S. gross domestic.** With so much litigation worldwide, what role can Lean and Six Sigma play? We [...]

Property Management With Lean and Six Sigma

The property management industry in the United States generates $99.449 billion in annual revenue and is expected to grow* We’ll look at applications of Lean and Six Sigma in property management and finish with a video of a day in the life of a property manager. *Source   Six Sigma in Property Management   In [...]

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Outboard Engines and Motorboats – Lean Six Sigma Application

The key players in the marine outboard engines market are Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd., Brunswick Corporation (Mercury Marine), Suzuki Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Co. Inc., Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., Tohatsu Corporation, AB Volvo, Suzhou Parsun Power Machine Co., Ltd., and Hidea Power Machinery Co., Ltd*.  Lean and Six Sigma are used in the manufacture of [...]

Quality Improvement in the Avocado Industry

Over 60 countries produce avocados. The estimated total world production for avocados in 2020 was 8,059,359 metric tons, up 13.9% from 7,077,148 tons in 2019.* We’ll look at how avocado quality is determined in such an important agricultural industry and provide resources for quality improvement measures that are being used and finish with a video [...]

Improving Water Bottling Globally: Lean and Six Sigma

Bottled water is produced and bottled in a series of process steps. Lean and Six Sigma have been applied to reduce wastes and defects and improve efficiency. We’ll look at applications from Nigeria, Indonesia, and Greece and finish with a video of a water filling line in China.   Lean Six Sigma Applied to Reduce [...]

The Forest Industry – How Lean Methodology Contributes

From obtaining timber to manufacturing secondary forest products, Lean and Six Sigma have a role in improving performance and eliminating waste in the forest industry. We’ll look at several examples of Lean applications and include an SPC Handbook for the treated wood industry. Finally, we’ll go on a virtual sawmill tour of how logs are [...]

The World of Financial Services – Roles for Lean and Six Sigma

Lean and Six Sigma got their start in manufacturing, but they have been applied successfully in service industries for decades. We’ll focus on applications in the financial services industry. We’ll look at the results, benefits, difficulties, and lessons learned in two applications and see recommendations of how Lean can help financial services organizations in their [...]

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Retail and Convenience Stores – Lean and Six Sigma

Retail and convenience stores exist in every country in the world. Lean and Six Sigma are used throughout the retail industry. We’ll look at three applications. First, a discussion of the retail industry challenges and the benefits of applying Lean Six Sigma. Then we’ll look at applications from Mexico and Portugal. We’ll finish with a [...]

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