Abstract background

ISSSP Lean Six Sigma Mission

ISSSP is committed to promoting the adoption, advancement and integration of Lean Six Sigma in business. Our community supports this mission through advocacy and awareness efforts; professional recognition and development; and by serving as an information and referral source.

ISSSP’s Lean Six Sigma principles are guided by:

ISSSP charges its members to take an active role in the sharing of experiences and information for the betterment of the practice of Lean Six Sigma and process excellence. This is the best way to establish a Global Standard for Lean Six Sigma.

ISSSP is committed to the growth and development of professionals in the process excellence community. We achieve this goal by providing a forum for discussion and information in the form of webinars, conferences, articles, white papers, and more.

ISSSP brings a simplified interpretation of the complex and often misleading information about what Lean Six Sigma is , what it isn’t, what it can be and how it compliments other process improvement initiatives. The goal is to set a Global Standard for Six Sigma methodologies, teaching practices, and certification requirements.

ISSSP provides a network and forum supporting the free exchange of ideas and the creation of valuable relationships.

ISSSP is driven to be the leading resource for awareness and the most credible source of information regarding the practice of Six Sigma and its integration with other change management practices. The lack of a Global Standard may lesson the value of Six Sigma. By creating a set of established criteria we can enhance the credibility and value of Six Sigma certification.

ISSSP supports the leaders’ commitment to realizing the far-reaching changes made possible through the continued growth and adoption of Six Sigma and other process excellence methodologies. Our conferences and forum will help ensure that our standards evolve with the new ways of implementing and benefiting from Six Sigma methodologies.


The overriding mission of ISSSP is to create a Global Standard for both training and certification providers, as well as individual belts. This will ensure that Six Sigma remains the quality methodology that it is known to be.