A Six Sigma Accredited Training Organization (ATO) is an organization, which has been recognized by the International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP). The ATO must meet and maintain the ATO Terms & Conditions, which include ISSSP Standards, Minimum ATO Requirements, Intellectual Property Guide, ISSSP Terms & Conditions, and Day Equivalents regarding training, certification, and ethical business practices to ensure students get the education they have paid for, which means having the skills required to work as a Six Sigma professional at the earned belt level. ISSSP ATOs are required to renew their membership annually, which requires the completion of an Annual Checklist to ensure their programs remain in line with requirements. In addition, ATOs are re-evaluated every four years to determine if the organization is maintaining compliance with ISSSP Standards for training and certification.

ATOs are front-runners in the Six Sigma world with established rules regarding training and certification standards, as well as ethical practices that are in line with the ISSSP mission statement, which was created to establish integrity and transparency. It is our goal to aid students and corporations in their effort to find consultants and institutions that deliver quality Six Sigma, Lean, and Operational Excellence programs, so that the both businesses and individuals can be sheltered from charlatans and deceptive behavior.

ISSSP does not require a particular Six Sigma Body of Knowledge (BOK) be used by an organization as long as the BOK provides the required learning outcomes for students to be successful as a Six Sigma professional at the given Belt level.