What is ISSSP?

We are the leading non-profit organization promoting the high standards and values that Lean Six Sigma operates by. We take pride in our discipline, stemming back from the early days when the foundations of the International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP) were established in 1997. The focus on customer-centric process improvement would lead to numerous successes within the business, government, education, healthcare, and non-profit arenas. Today, the evolution of the Lean Six Sigma methodology is practiced by tens of thousands of professionals worldwide.

ISSSP promotes the best practices of the industry, which is also the overriding mission of ISSSP: to advance the discipline and practice of Lean Six Sigma.

The practice continues to evolve as more ways to utilize the methodology come to light. The success of Lean Six Sigma depends solely on the people using the discipline’s tools and methods. We are committed to providing our community with the resources and knowledge necessary to be at the forefront of process improvement initiatives.

ISSSP partners with leading organizations and consultants worldwide, promoting ideas and standards that uphold and further the discipline and practice of Lean Six Sigma. This will ensure that Lean Six Sigma remains the process improvement methodology that organizations use to achieve real results.