Membership FAQs

Why should I join ISSSP?2018-02-09T07:24:27-06:00

Founded in 1997, ISSSP is the oldest professional organization dedicated to Lean Six Sigma. Our members are united by one mission: to advance the practice of Lean Six Sigma and promote its education and advocacy. ISSSP, as a non-profit organization, is committed to the growth and development of professionals in the process excellence community, and setting the global standard for Lean Six Sigma, teaching practices, and certification requirements. We are driven to be the leading resource for awareness and the most credible source of information regarding the practice of Lean Six Sigma and its integration with other change management and process improvement practices.

What benefits do I receive by being a member of ISSSP?2017-11-14T02:35:56-06:00

Benefits include access to white papers, presentations, webinars, and leadership conferences, as well as the ability to include your information in our membership rolls. The exact benefits are based on your membership level. You may learn more by visiting the Benefits page.

How long does a membership last?2022-09-21T09:04:05-06:00

Full memberships last for one year.

How do I join ISSSP?2017-11-14T02:36:36-06:00

Potential members can join through the website, isssp.org. Click here to begin the membership process. There are several levels of membership, so be sure to read through and decide which one is best suited for your needs.

How long will it take to get my membership active?2018-01-21T12:45:49-06:00

Your membership will be active immediately upon submission. If there are any issues with the application, ISSSP will get in touch via email.

When do I get notified to renew my membership?2019-10-25T12:46:41-06:00

An automatic email will be sent out one month prior to your renewal. You can renew your membership by going to the profile drop-down menu and clicking renew. This will direct you with an automatically filled form that includes your existing membership and contact information. At this point, you may change your membership or contact information, and then submit your payment. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us.

What is the membership cancellation policy?2018-03-11T11:35:10-06:00

Membership can be canceled at anytime, but refunds are limited based on whether you have accessed our proprietary material. Please see the Terms and Conditions for specific details.

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