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All Lean Six Sigma theory and practice materials will be reviewed by ISSSP staff for approval before posting. Please submit materials using the form provided at the bottom of this page. If we have any questions or suggested changes we will contact you. You will be notified once your approved material is posted.

Submit Materials - Presentations


Presentations may be on any topic relevant to Lean Six Sigma theory and practice. They should be in a slide format in PowerPoint or PDF (we will convert them to PDF if you do not). They may be of any length, but a minimum of 10 slides is required. Note: If your presentation focuses on the application of Lean Six Sigma tools and methods to a project, please submit your material as a Case Study instead.

Here is a link to an example of a previous presentation: The Multifaceted Roles of Master Black Belts

Submit Materials - White Papers

White Papers:

White Papers are articles of any topic relevant to Lean Six Sigma theory and practice and are in Word or PDF. Slides are more appropriate for Presentations or Case Studies. We will convert documents to PDF before posting. They may be of any length but a minimum of two pages is required.

Here is a link to an example of a previous white paper: Raytheon Six Sigma

Submit Materials - Case Studies

Case Studies:

Case Studies focus on the application of Lean Six Sigma tools and methods to a project. These papers show how others have used Lean Six Sigma theory and practice in the real world. See the Presentation guidelines above if you are presenting your Case Study in a presentation format. If it is to be an article then it should be in Word or PDF format with a minimum of five pages.

Here is an example of a Case Study presentation: Increasing Help Desk Customer Satisfaction

Submit Materials - Webinars


Webinars are online presentations in a meeting format. They may be on any subject related to Lean Six Sigma. Please contact us with your suggested topics regarding Lean Six Sigma theory and practice, etc. We will get back to you with more information about technical details setting up and delivering a presentation.

Here is an example of a webinar: Synchronizing Six Sigma to Business

If you would like to conduct a webinar please complete the submit webinar proposal form. The submit materials form below is for presentations, white papers, and case studies only.

Submit Materials

Use the form below to submit materials (other than webinars) and send it to us for review. You can also contact us at

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    Terms & Conditions • I agree that my material(s) will be made available to all ISSSP members. • I agree that ISSSP may use my material(s) for promotional purposes. • I agree that I have permission to use all company logos, materials, and slides within my material(s). Please do not submit any proprietary or confidential information. ISSSP will be not be responsible for such information. • I grant ISSSP permission to excerpt, copy, reprint, rebroadcast, and disseminate all works of authorship which are presented by me solely or jointly with others. • I understand that I will not be paid for uploading/sharing any material(s) for ISSSP. • I will complete a profile as part of my membership with ISSSP's site that will be linked to my material(s).
  • By entering your name, you agree to use an electronic signature to show that you agree to all the terms and conditions listed here and on the ISSSP site.