Lean Six Sigma in the Food Industry

Lean and Six Sigma applications help the food industry improve and reduce waste around the world. We’ll learn from articles in Taiwan, India, and Malaysia and finish with a video of how milk powder is made.   Six Sigma Applied to the Food Industry to Reduce Quality Cost: Taiwan   In a paper titled “Applying [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Animal Feed Industry

Animal feed is produced for consumption all over the world. Not only for pets but for farm animals, ranches, zoos, etc. Lean and Six Sigma can improve productivity and reduce waste. We’ll look at three case studies from Indonesia, Brazil, and Hungary and finish with a short video of making livestock feed.   Using Lean [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Steel Industry

Steel is a critical material around the world. Its manufacturing process is improved through the use of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. We’ll look at three studies from Pakistan, Brazil, and India. We’ll then finish with a video from Mexico on all aspects of the steel-making process.   Using Six Sigma in Steel Bar Manufacturing: [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Apparel Industry

Everyone wears apparel. We would expect the apparel manufacturing market to be large. In fact, according to IBISWorld, the global apparel manufacturing market size reached $825.7 billion in 2021*. Lean and Six Sigma applications in the industry serve to improve processes, reduce defects and waste. We’ll take a look at several cases focusing on the [...]

Shoe Manufacturing and Six Sigma

As a series of manufacturing steps, shoe making should be a perfect application for Six Sigma methods. We’ll explore two applications of Six Sigma in shoe manufacturing, one in Indonesia and the other in Bangladesh. In an article titled Improving Quality of Shoe Soles Product using Six Sigma the authors Athalia Jesslyn Wijaya, Wildan Trusajis, [...]

Andon at Ensto Energy

Andon is a manufacturing term referring to a system to notify management, maintenance, and other workers of a quality or process problem. Andon, in Japanese, means “paper lantern.” So, it is an appropriate term for “illuminating” a problem. Ensto, a Finland-based energy company, uses an Andon system to ensure world-class quality. Whenever a problem arises [...]

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