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Once our organization is an ATO, can we co-sponsor 6 Sigma Training courses or programs with other organizations that award Six Sigma certificates or certifications?2019-11-14T16:03:51-06:00

Only the ATO can use the ISSSP logo. If your organization is using your materials, under your name at an event, and if you are responsible for ensuring that activities, courses and programs meet all of the ISSSP Standards categories and elements, you may work with another organization and state that you are an ATO. However, you cannot authorize another organization to be an ATO.

Our company has several subsidiaries. If the training department of one subsidiary becomes an ATO, are the others considered ATOs because they are part of the same parent organization?2019-11-14T16:09:49-06:00

No, because subsidiaries often operate independently of the parent organization. Therefore, ISSSP requires that subsidiaries undergo the ATO application process and become accredited ATOs on an individual basis.

Can an ATO use non-employee instructors to deliver courses?2019-11-14T16:10:36-06:00

Yes, as long as your organization selects, monitors and evaluates them using the processes described in your ATO application.

How will we know about changes to the ISSSP Standards and Minimum ATO Requirements?2019-11-14T16:11:48-06:00

ISSSP notifies members by email and posts notifications on our website at We will also include changes within our monthly newsletter to members.

Who can use the ISSSP logo and/or ATO Badge?2019-11-14T16:12:45-06:00

Only ISSSP Accredited Training Organizations in good standing with an active ISSSP Organizational membership may use the ISSSP logo and/or ATO Badge based on the Intellectual Property Guide.

If our organization is already an ATO, do we need to submit materials for new activities or courses to ISSSP when we create new programs?2019-11-14T16:14:30-06:00

No. If your organization is an ATO, you should have internal review processes in place that ensure your programs, current and new, meet the ISSSP Standards, Minimum ATO Requirements, and Day Equivalents for training. ISSSP ATO status is only available for Six Sigma based programs. An outline of new Six Sigma based programs may be requested at the discretion of ISSSP during renewal.

How long is ATO status valid?2019-11-14T16:15:39-06:00

The Accredited Training Organization status must be renewed annually, which will include the completion of the ATO Annual Checklist, which should be uploaded with your annual dues of $550. ATOs must reapply every four years by completing the online application and paying the $750* application fee, which will also cover the years ATO dues. *Additional fees may be required as part of the review process.

How do you know if you have the most current version of the ATO application?2019-11-14T16:18:24-06:00

The ATO application may only be completed online, so you will always have the latest copy. The latest ISSSP Standards may be downloaded for free.

What role does the ISSSP staff play in the application process?2019-11-21T04:27:06-06:00

You may learn the ATO application process, including the role of the ISSSP Accreditation Representative(s) and the Accreditation Advisory Committee by reading the application process.

Can I get a sample of a completed ATO application?2019-11-14T16:23:19-06:00

No. The applications contain confidential information. Sample applications are not provided to prevent possible copying of the material. However, the Application Process and Accredited Training Organization Eligibility are helpful tool.

How much does it cost to become an ATO?2019-11-14T16:28:53-06:00

There is a $750* application fee that must be paid, when you submit your application and at for your 4-year renewal. This fee includes the years annual fee. The cost for years 2-3 is $550. *Additional fees may be accessed to complete the review process up to and including travel expenses for an onsite review.

How long does it take to be approved as an ATO?2019-11-14T16:33:00-06:00

It typically takes up to 4 weeks for the review process. The time may be shorter or longer based on your application and any information that may be needed to show you meet all of the requirements for Accredited Training Organizations.

Can we get a single training course, program or learning event approved without becoming an ATO?2019-11-14T16:35:32-06:00

No, ISSSP accredits organizations only, not courses or materials.

How many years does our organization need to have been in business as a Six Sigma Training Organization or offering Internal Six Sigma Training to become an ISSSP ATO?2019-11-14T16:36:58-06:00

Your organization must have been in business and operating as a Six Sigma training organization, university offering Six Sigma training or have an internal Six Sigma training program under the conditions described in our application for at least one year or 6 months with evidence of experience of prior Six Sigma training experience for at least one year. More information is available at ATO Eligibility page and the Application Process page.

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