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Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy
ISSSP, Inc. is committed to protecting your privacy online. We provide this privacy policy in the interest of making our members and non-member customers aware of what information we collect, how we use that information, and how you may remove your information from our database. To make this information easy to access, we have a link to this policy at the bottom of every page on our site.

The Information We Collect
When you register as an ISSSP Professional Member, we collect information about you. There are 4 types of information that we collect:

  1. Contact data: We collect your first name, last name, mailing address, phone number, fax number and Email. Contact data is never shared.
  2. Professional data: We collect your title, company, Six Sigma role (if any) functional area, and the industry you work in.
  3. Recognition data: We allow you the option of entering your professional bio and photo when you register as an ISSSP member.
  4. Activity Data: Additionally, as you use the ISSSP website, we track the programs and benefits that you participate in. This information helps us tailor any communications specifically to your interests and helps us improve our offerings.

Sometimes, ISSSP sources information about professionals who are not members of ISSSP. This can be because the individual participated in an activity on ISSSP’s website that required some information, or because the individual’s information was provided to us from a third-party contact list. This information is generally used only for recruitment purposes, either to recruit non-member Six Sigma practitioners to join the Society or to recruit non-member Six Sigma practitioners to participate in one of the events or services produced by ISSSP, with the intent to recruit them as members. If you feel that you may be in our database from one of these third party lists, and you wish to be removed, please contact us at membership@isssp.org or (844) 477-7746. 

Credit card information is NEVER stored in ISSSP’s databases.
Credit card information always passes through a secure connection.

How we use Information:
ISSSP uses the information we collect from each professional in a number of ways:

  1. We use your Professional data as criteria for specifically targeted audiences for communications about ISSSP Member Benefits and Upcoming Events.
  2. We use your Professional data to define demographics in our database.
  3. We use your Activity data to track the programs and sections of our website that are most popular.
  4. We use your Recognition Data to maintain your ISSSP portfolio.

ISSSP has relationships with certain companies in the Six Sigma industry. Our Corporate program participants are companies that are implementing Six Sigma as an efficiency model. Our Affiliate program participants are companies that provide consulting, training or tool sets for Six Sigma deployments. Our Partner program participants are organizations that support the Six Sigma Community by running events, producing newsletters or magazines or running Membership Associations, that ISSSP has deemed provide a value to our member.

Affiliates and Partners are entitled to use the content of ISSSP’s Database. However, this can only occur in one of three ways:

  1. Emails: Affiliates and Partners describe an audience that they wish to target. We select professionals fitting their criteria who are not opted out of receiving the mail, and tell them how many professionals will receive the Affiliate’s or Partner’s email. We then send the mail ON THEIR BEHALF. Your email address is not given to them. Opt outs are always respected.
  2. Direct mails: Partners are entitled to send direct (‘snail mail’) mailings to our members. As with Emails, the Partner describes criteria for the audience they wish to target. We select professionals fitting those criteria, and send the information to a reputable third party mail house that destroys the list after the one-time use. Your address and contact information are not given to the partner. Opt outs are always respected.
  3. Data Mining: Affiliates are entitled to demographic data from our database. This is reported to them in terms of number of professionals matching their specified criteria. While specific information about companies and Six Sigma roles may be shared with them, your contact data is never shared without specifically and directly asking you first.

Our Commitment to Data Security
ISSSP, Inc. is committed to maintaining your information in a secure database. We have made all appropriate safeguards-physical, electronic, and managerial- to prevent your information from falling into the hands of anyone it was not intended for. If you feel there has been a breach, we urge you to contact us at (844) 477-7746 or email us at membership@isssp.org.

Our Commitment to Children’s Privacy
ISSSP does not collect or keep any information on children under the age of 13 that we know to be under the age of 13. No part of our site is designed to attract children under the age of 13.

How you can access your information
If you are an ISSSP Professional Member, you may access your personal information by logging into the site with your username and password, and clicking “My ISSSP” at the top of the page. From your account page, click “Update”. This will pull up the form that contains all of your Contact and Professional data, and can be edited by you and updated.

If you are not an ISSSP Professional Member, and would like to update your personal information in our database, please contact us at membership@isssp.org or call (844) 477-7746. We will provide you access to your information.

How to contact us
To contact us with questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please call us at (844) 477-7746 or send us an email at membership@isssp.org.