Lean Six Sigma in the Operating Room

What are some of the applications of Lean and Six Sigma in the operating room? We take a look at three: two from New York and one from China. We’ll finish with a video tour of the Royal London Hospital Neurosurgery Operating Theater.   Using Lean and Six Sigma to Improve Operating Room Efficiency: New [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Coffee Industry

Over 70 countries produce coffee. Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia are the top five producers. Overall, 30-40% of the world enjoys a cup of coffee daily. Lean and Six Sigma aid in the coffee production that makes that possible. We’ll look at cases from Taiwan, Malaysia, and Thailand and finish with a video of [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Medical Device Industry

Lean and Six Sigma aid in improving medical device quality and cost reduction. In 2021, the overall medical devices market exceeded $335 billion. We’ll look at a case study using Lean Six Sigma with respect to non-compliance costs and a short interview on the importance of Lean Six Sigma in the medical device industry. Finally, [...]

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Lean Six Sigma, AI and Analytics

As artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics continue to grow in use, how do they fit with Lean and Six Sigma methodologies? We’ll look at several possible answers to this question from an overview of their working together, to caveats to be concerned about, some applications in conjunction with analytics, and finally a video on [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Ceramic Industry

Throughout history, ceramics have been important for food usage, storage, and art. The modern ceramics industry creates products for electronics and building components. Lean and Six Sigma are used in the industry to improve manufacturing and distribution. We’ll look at applications from India, Poland, and Portugal, and finish with a video of making ceramic wall [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Wind Industry

As calls for more renewable energy continue to grow, wind energy is always in the news. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are applied for improvements in the wind industry. We’ll look at a Lean application and a Six Sigma application and finish with a time-lapse video of a wind turbine installation.   Applying Lean Kaizen [...]

Lean Six Sigma in Animal Care

Lean and Six Sigma are being used in animal care. We’ll take a look at examples from Texas, Louisiana, and Indiana, and a veterinary article on how Lean can improve veterinary practice. We’ll finish with a short video overview of San Antonio’s Animal Care Services.   Using Lean Six Sigma to Improve the Cage Sanitation [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Shipping Container Industry

Shipping containers hold much of the goods that are used as end products or as components of to be manufactured products. Lean and Six Sigma are used to increase the efficiency with which these containers are loaded, arrive at ports, and are subsequently transported. We’ll look at applications in Iran, Scandinavia, and Indonesia. We’ll finish [...]

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