ISSSP Six Sigma Accreditation - Why Is It Important?

ISSSP Six Sigma AccreditationThe popularity of Six Sigma has created an influx of training providers. Although there are some organizations that offer quality programs, there are many rogue entities that are giving out certificates/ certifications to individuals that are not qualified. In some cases, the "provider" is simply taking money in exchange for a certificate. This lessens the value of Six Sigma certification and hurts individuals that want to learn and appropriately apply the methodology. It also creates problems for employers that want to hire qualified Six Sigma individuals, which is one reason why ISSSP Six Sigma Accreditation was launched on November 14, 2019.

As a non-profit organization, ISSSP is committed to enhancing the stature of certification and ensuring that Six Sigma continues to be a viable career path. ISSSP is therefore offering accreditation to organizations that meet the minimum standards. The goal of Six Sigma Training Organization accreditation is to highlight quality programs that students can feel comfortable choosing as their training provider. It also will help employers, when they are hiring Six Sigma individuals. The ISSSP Six Sigma Accreditation program for organizational members has been managed by the Accreditation Advisory Committee, who will be responsible for approving Accredited Training Organizations.

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