Over 60 countries produce avocados. The estimated total world production for avocados in 2020 was 8,059,359 metric tons, up 13.9% from 7,077,148 tons in 2019.* We’ll look at how avocado quality is determined in such an important agricultural industry and provide resources for quality improvement measures that are being used and finish with a video about quality avocado production in Kenya.



Haas Avocado Quality and Pre-harvest and Harvest Factors: Colombia


In a study titled “Review of concept of quality in Hass avocado and pre-harvest and harvest factors that determine it under tropical conditions,” authors Joaquín Guillermo Ramírez-Gil, German Franco, and Juan Camilo Henao-Rojas discuss quality in avocado production and alternatives for increasing the added value in the avocado production system.

The study includes:

  • Definition of Quality
  • Concept of Multidimensional Quality
  • Quality Perception in Haas Avocado
  • Haas Avocado Calibers by Country
  • Visual Quality Characteristics and Classification for Haas Avocados by Colombian Traders
  • Quality Characteristics by Target Market
  • Pre-harvest Aspects and Effects on Quality
  • Management Practices Conducive to Improving Quality
  • Harvest-Associated Aspects on Quality

Copy and paste the following link into your browser to access the study.


Improvements in the Avocado Supply Chain: Australia


In a report titled “Implementing Improvements in the Avocado Supply Chain” author John Tyas gathers research findings from the range of avocado quality improvement projects and compiles them into easy to use reference materials for use by the different supply chain sectors.

See the Retailer Training Manual, Appendix 2, beginning on page 26 for an excellent discussion of avocado quality issues and causes along with supporting photos.

  • External Quality
    • Cut Damage
    • Pest Damage
    • Puncture Damage
    • Cracked Skin
    • Thrips (Insects)
    • Sunburn
    • Tree Rub
    • Sunbleach
    • Chimera (Skin Coloring)
    • Skin Spotting
    • Ridging
    • Discrete Patches
    • Shrivel
    • External Rots


  • Internal Quality
    • Bruising
    • Vascular Browning
    • Diffuse Flesh Discoloration
    • Stem End Rot
    • Body Rots
    • Uneven Ripening
    • Stones in Flesh
    • Pink Staining

You can access the comprehensive report here.


Haas Avocado Board Quality Manual


This manual assists operators within each of the avocado supply chain steps to choose protocols that affect overall avocado quality.

The sections of the manual are:

  • Packing House: California
  • Packing Houses Outside of California
    • Mexico
    • Peru
    • Chile
  • Transport
  • Distribution Centers
  • Re-Packers and Fruit Ripeners
  • Retail Sales: Green and Ripened Fruit
  • Common Fruit Defects

You can access the quality manual here.


Quality Avocado Production from Seed to Plate: Kenya


See an excellent video from Inside Kazuki on Quality Avocado Production

You can watch the video here.


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