When we think of quality improvement in logistics, we primarily think of Lean applications. But Six Sigma has had a role also either separately or in combination with Lean. We’ll look at applications from Poland, Brazil, Jordan, and Portugal and finish with a video defining logistics management.


Six Sigma in Urban Logistics Management: Poland


In a case study titled “Six Sigma in Urban Logistics Management—A Case Study,” authors Justyna Lemke and others discuss the role of Six Sigma in logistics management.

The focus of the case study is the application of Six Sigma to support last mile delivery management.

The case study includes:

  • Classification of Urban Freight Transport (UFT)
  • CTQs of City Logistics Process
  • SIPOC of City Logistics Processes
  • Swimlane Delivery Process Map
  • Delivery Process Performance over Three Months
  • Delivery Process DPMOs
You can access the case study from here.


Lean Six Sigma Applied to a Paper Mill Loading Process Logistics: Brazil


In a short paper titled “Lean Six Sigma in the logistics of the loading process of a paper mill,” authors Marina Langoni Linares, Eliane da Silva Christo, and Kelly Alonso Costa discuss the use of Lean Six Sigma to improve the loading process logistics in a paper mill.

The paper includes:

  • Pareto Chart of Probably Causes for Loading Cycle Times
  • Probable Causes Classified by Influence Score
  • Process Capability Analyses Before and After Recommended Implementations
You can read the paper here.


Six Sigma Applied to Healthcare Logistics: Jordan


In a case study titled “Six Sigma Application in Healthcare Logistics: A Framework and A Case Study,” authors Lina Al-Qatawneh, Abdallah A. A. Abdallah, and Salam S. Z. Zalloum discuss the application of Six Sigma in healthcare logistics.

The case study includes:

  • Proposed Framework for Applying Six Sigma in Healthcare Logistics
  • Suggested Criteria and Average Rank of CTQ Questionnaire
  • VOC Criticality Categorization Criteria
  • Important Index Calculations
  • Logistics Activities Process Map at the Medical Supplies Warehouse
  • Improved Process Map

The case study goes on to address a problem related to low performance of a particular tablet product.

You can read the case study here.


Six Sigma and Lean Concepts Applied to Internal Logistics: Portugal


In a case study titled “Using Project Six Sigma and Lean Concepts in Internal Logistics,” authors Daniela L. Antunes, Sérgio D. Sousa, and Eusébio Nunes focus on the variables that influence the supply components of an assembly line of car audio systems in order to improve process performance.

The case study includes:

  • Business Case
  • Problem Statement/Background
  • Project Scope: What is/What isn’t
  • Turtle Diagram of Process Losses Due to Internal Logistics
  • Top 10 Root Causes
  • Problems and Actions Implemented
You can read the case study here.


What is Logistics Management?

This video from AIMS Education, UK does a nice job of explaining it.


You can view the video here.



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