Plastics Manufacturing and Lean and Six Sigma Applications

Plastics are used in numerous applications and products around the world, including building and construction, textiles, consumer products, transportation, electronics, and industrial machinery. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are used to improve quality and reduce waste in plastics manufacturing. We’ll look at three applications from India and Kuwait and finish with an instructional video on [...]

Lean Six Sigma in Food Banks

Food banks are essential organizations to help the needy. Lean and Six Sigma aid in improving their processes and reducing waste. We’ll look at four applications from Singapore, Boston, Poland, and Seattle. Then we’ll see a video of a food bank operation in Nevada.   Using Lean Six Sigma to Improve Food Bank Vending Machine [...]

Lean Six Sigma and Logistics

When we think of quality improvement in logistics, we primarily think of Lean applications. But Six Sigma has had a role also either separately or in combination with Lean. We’ll look at applications from Poland, Brazil, Jordan, and Portugal and finish with a video defining logistics management.   Six Sigma in Urban Logistics Management: Poland [...]

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