As you might expect, Lean and Six Sigma are potent methodology weapons that can be applied to vaccination development, distribution, and inoculation. We’ll look at four applications: U.S. Naval Academy, USA-Michigan, USA-Tennessee, and Saudi Arabia and finish with a short video on how vaccines are made.


Lean Six Sigma and Vaccinations at the U.S. Naval Academy


In a paper titled “Using Lean Six Sigma Methodology to Improve a Mass Immunizations Process at the United States Naval Academy” authors Chrysanthy Ha and others discuss the use of Lean Six Sigma to improve the mass immunizations process for Midshipmen during in-processing.

The paper includes:

  • Baseline Process Map with Overlaying Value Stream Analysis
  • Post Implementation Process Map with Overlaying Value Stream Analysis

After project implementation the average lead time for immunizations decreased by 79%  with a 10% decrease in staff.

You can read the paper here.


Lean Six Sigma to Improve Immunization Rates: USA-Michigan


In an article titled “Improving Immunization Rates Using Lean Six Sigma Processes: Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers National Initiative III Project” authors Hussaini Hina-Syeda and others include the results of a project to improve immunization rates.

The article includes:

  • Fishbone Diagram of Potential Error Sources in Immunization Process
  • Pareto Chart of Defects
  • FMEA

You can read the article here.


Using DMAIC to Improve Community Pneumococcal Vaccinations: USA-Tennessee


In a paper titled “The Use of DMAIC to Improve Quality Vaccination Recommendations in Chain Community Pharmacies” authors Urvi Patel and Sajeesh Kumar discuss the use of Lean Six Sigma to develop a training program for pharmacists in order to promote higher rates of pneumococcal vaccinations.

The paper includes:

  • High Level Process Map
  • Cause and Effect Matrix
  • FMEA

Copy and paste the following link into your browser to access the paper. NOTE: Click on the highlighted figure numbers to view.


Using Lean Six Sigma to Reduce the Average Waiting Time for Vaccinations: Saudi Arabia


In a case study titled “Improving waiting time in vaccination room using Lean Six Sigma methodology” authors Mohamed Adel El Faiomy and Ayatullah Amr Muhamad Shabana discuss the use of Lean Six Sigma methodology to reduce the average waiting time for vaccinations.

The case study includes:

  • Project Team Charter
  • Voice of Customers
  • CTQs
  • SIPOC Analysis and Map
  • High Level Flowchart of Current Process
  • Data Collection Plan
  • Total Waiting Time Scatter Diagrams by
    • File Waiting Time
    • Well Baby Waiting Time
    • Pediatrician Waiting Time
    • Vaccination Room Waiting Time
  • New Strategy for Pre Vaccination Process by Task, Who, When
  • Pilot Implementation
  • Control Charts of Waiting Times Before and After Pilot
  • Strategy Implemented After Pilot
  • New Process Flowchart
  • Detailed Control Plan

You can read the case study here.


Overview of Vaccine Manufacturing Process


See the vaccine manufacturing process in a short video from GSK.

You can watch the video here.



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