Tomatoes are classified as a fruit not a vegetable. Accordingly, tomatoes are the most frequently eaten fruit in the world. Global production of tomatoes was estimated to be 44.19 million tons in 2023.* We’ll look at quality in tomato production and finish with a video of how a particular variety of tomatoes are grown commercially.



Assessing Tomato Quality

In a short article titled “What Is Quality. . . .In a Tomato?” author Laurie Hodges discusses how tomato quality is assessed.

The article mentions:

  • Blossom Scars
  • Shoulders
  • Stem Scars
  • Concentric Cracks
  • Tomato Fruit Coloring
  • Internal Quality
  • Storage
  • Flavor
  • Packaging and Selling

Copy and paste the following link into your browser to read the article.


Optimizing Fresh Market Tomato Fruit Quality

In a bulletin titled “Optimizing Fruit Quality in Fresh Market Tomato” author S. S. Snapp covers how to reduce fruit cracking and shoulder check defect, and how to improve fruit color.

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Evaluating Tomato Quality with Computer Vision

In a paper titled “Computer Vision Based Fruit Grading System for Quality Evaluation of Tomato in Agriculture industry” authors Megha.P.Arakeri and Lakshman discuss a proposed automatic and effective tomato fruit grading system based on computer vision techniques in order to evaluate tomato quality while protecting the fruit from handling.

The paper includes:

  • Proposed Tomato Fruit Grading System
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Confusion Matrix for Defective and Non-defective Classification
  • Confusion Matrix for Ripe and Un-ripe Classification
  • Comparison of Effectiveness of Features

You can read the paper here.

Tomatoes: How Do They Grow?

See how processing tomatoes are grown commercially in this video from True Food TV

You can watch the video here.



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