Unfortunately, due to always present world tragedies, there are refugees. Fortunately, humanitarian aid workers do what they can to help them. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies can help in delivering that aid. We’ll look at applications from Texas, Africa, and Yemen and finish with a video of a humanitarian aid worker in a Sudanese refugee camp.


Applying Lean Management Techniques to a Patient Care Delivery System for Refugees: Texas


In a short paper titled “Towards an Improved Patient Care Delivery System: Implementing Sigma LEAN Management for the San Antonio Health Clinic,” authors A. Muck and others discuss the use of Lean management tools to improve refugee care.

The paper includes:

  • Patient Encounter Observations
  • Spaghetti Chart of Patient and Student/Staff Movements
  • Before and After Kaizen Impact
  • Comparison of Intervention Effects on Time with Provider
You can read the paper here.


 Lean and Six Sigma Contributions to Process Improvement in East Africa: Africa

In a case study titled “Improving processes for good in East Africa,” author Andrew Parris discusses how Lean and Six Sigma can apply to an international non-governmental organization operating in East Africa.

Later in the case study, the author lays out World Vision’s East Africa approach to process improvement.

  • Instill a Vision for Excellence
  • Engage Senior Leaders
  • Train and Mentor Green Belts
  • Conduct Process Improvement Projects
  • Energize Teams for Process Excellence
  • Change Workplace Habits
  • Share Success Stories and Learning

It also includes a summary of World Vision’s plan to couple Lean and Six Sigma together with World Vision’s values and priorities.

You can access the case study here.


Applying Lean Six Sigma for Refugee Assistance: Yemen


In a short executive summary titled “Application of Process Management with Lean Six Sigma for Effective Cash Assistance Delivery Programs to Vulnerable Refugees in Yemen,” author Deo Kaziarua Nemes summarizes the project.

The summary includes:

  • Vulnerable Refugees
  • Cash Assistance Delivery Swimlane Process map
You can read the executive summary here.


A Look from a Humanitarian Aid Worker in a Sudanese Refugee Camp


In a video from Our Human Planet, see what it is like to be an aid worker.



You can watch the video here.



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