Organizations rely on call centers to address customer concerns. It is important that they operate efficiently and effectively. Lean and Six Sigma are used in call center operations to achieve those objectives. We’ll look at three applications from Indonesia, the US, and India and finish with a funny video of the types of people that access call centers.


DMAIC Method and Service Blueprint Applied to Improve Call Center Service Quality: Indonesia


In a paper titled “Improving Service Quality Of Call Center Using DMAIC Method And Service Blueprint,” authors Fino Wahyudi Abdul and Nining Purwatmini discuss the use of DMAIC and service blueprint to improve call center service quality.

As stated by the authors, “Service Blueprint” is a tool to show service process as well as points of contact with customers, and at the same time acts as part of customer satisfaction management.”

The paper includes:

  • Call Center Service Blueprint
  • Daily Call Data: Received and Defected
  • SIPOC Diagram
  • Pareto Diagram of Service Quality Defects

You can read the paper here.


Using Six Sigma to Reduce Call Center Wait Times: Massachusetts


In an article titled “Reducing Call Center Wait Times Through Six Sigma,” authors Justin Bateh and Jim Farah discuss the use of Six Sigma DMAIC to evaluate the move to an outsourced call center

The study addressed two research questions:

  • Differences in Wait Times for In-house vs Outsourced Call Center
  • Differences in Talk and Wait Times Between In-House and Outsourced Call Center

The article includes:

  • MedicEd (The Company) Capacity Utilization
  • Values Important to Company
  • Descriptive Statistics for Wait and Talk Times

The authors state that “ … results show that MedicEd clearly took advantage of economies of scale by outsourcing its call center operations to reduce wait times.”

Results achieved through the project include:

  • Customer wait times will decrease from over five minutes per call to less than one minute.
  • Call center staff costs will decrease from over $150,000 per year to less than $40,000

Use the following link to download the article.


Using Six Sigma to Improve Bank Call Center Operations: India


In a paper titled “Improving Bank Call Centre Operations Using Six Sigma,” author Rahul Gautam covers the use of Six Sigma to improve first call goals proportion, decrease administrator turnover, and streamline procedures.

The paper includes:

  • Historical Baseline Data
    • Number of Reps
    • Number of Calls
    • Average Holding Time
    • First Call Resolution
    • 5 Day Resolution
  • Measurement System Attribute Analysis
  • Fishbone Diagram for Failure to Meet First Call Resolution Targets
  • Action FMEA

You can read the paper here.


Fun Video on Types of People Who Access Call Centers


You can watch this funny video from Brooke Ashely here.




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