The property management industry in the United States generates $99.449 billion in annual revenue and is expected to grow* We’ll look at applications of Lean and Six Sigma in property management and finish with a video of a day in the life of a property manager.



Six Sigma in Property Management


In a short blog post titled “Six Sigma in Property Management” author Saad Shah discusses why Six Sigma should be used in property management and provides an example of DMAIC used to solve the problem of a unit not ready on move-in date.

You can read the post here.


Lean Thinking and Six Sigma in Public Housing Authorities


In a paper titled “Exploring the Use of Lean Thinking and Six Sigma in Public Housing Authorities” authors Sameer Kumar and Kenneth F. Bauer discuss the application of Lean thinking and Six Sigma in public housing authorities and give an example case study of using the principles in a public housing authority process.

The example case study includes:

  • Current State Value Stream Map
  • Current State Time Study
  • Histograms of Current Rents
  • Waste in Re-examination Process
  • Future State Value Stream Map
  • Comparison of Current and Future States
  • Lessons Learned

Click on the following link to download a copy of the paper.


Applying the 5 Whys to Property Management


A short article from Schambs Property Management titled “Applying the “5 Whys” of Six Sigma to Property Management” gives an example of applying the 5 Whys.

You can read the article here.


A Day in the Life of a Property Manager


Spend a day with a property manager in a video from Video Production Auckland, Tuatara Pictures.

You can watch the video here.




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