Meetings and events require careful planning and management to be effective. Lean and Six Sigma can aid in that goal. We’ll look at guidelines for effective meetings, Lean’s contribution to effective meetings, and using Six Sigma to run an event. Then we’ll finish with a video of the five Ps for effective meetings.


Guidelines for Effective Meetings

In an article titled “Ingredients for Effective Meetings and Team Communication,” authors Grace L. Duffy and John W. Moran give guidelines for effective meetings including process improvement team meetings.

The article includes:

  • Generic Meeting Process Flow
  • Planning the Meetings
  • Starting and Ending on Time
  • Agenda for Process Improvement Team Meeting
  • Meeting Documentation Archiving
  • Process Improvement Team Meeting Minutes Example
  • Team Meeting Minutes Template
  • Action Tracker Worksheet Example
  • End of Meeting Evaluation for Pilot Improvement Project
  • Swim Lane Meeting Process
You can read the article here.


Rules for Effective Meetings


In a LinkedIn post, Carlos Canejo gives 20 rules for effective meetings.

You can access the post here.


Lean’s Contribution to Meeting Effectiveness


In a master’s thesis titled “How can Lean contribute to create effective meetings? A case study at Ericsson in Borås,” authors Mattias Andersson and Ginsun Au-Yeung discuss the use of Lean to achieve meeting effectiveness.

After the required background on Lean and meetings, they do an empirical study of meetings at Ericsson beginning on page 28.

They breakdown meeting problems into three parts:

  • Structure
  • Process/People
  • Leadership

On page 58, the authors cover common meeting problems due to structure, process/people, and leadership. They show the problems that were successfully solved by the project’s action plan.

They discuss the Meeting Bridge from ineffective to effective meetings on page 60.

You can read the thesis here.


Using Six Sigma to Run an Event


In a short article titled “How to Run a Lean Event Using Six Sigma,” EventOPs a software as a service provider for events and facilities managers gives an overview and resources for how to run an event using Six Sigma

You can access the article here.


The Five Ps for Effective Meetings


In a video from Velaction Videos, Jeff Hajek discusses the five Ps to avoid waste and run effective meetings.

  • Purpose
  • Participants
  • Process
  • Product
  • Preparation

You can watch Jeff’s video here.



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