Human Resources

Lean Six Sigma in Meeting Effectiveness and Event Management

Meetings and events require careful planning and management to be effective. Lean and Six Sigma can aid in that goal. We’ll look at guidelines for effective meetings, Lean’s contribution to effective meetings, and using Six Sigma to run an event. Then we’ll finish with a video of the five Ps for effective meetings.   Guidelines [...]

Lean and Human Resources

We can speak of Lean and human resources in two related paths: The role of HR in Lean deployment and Lean principles applied to improving HR. We will address both. First, let’s look at the role of human resources in Lean deployment. Mike Hoseus – Executive Director of Center for Quality People and Organizations, Inc. [...]

The Position Transition: Succession Planning

So, you have a key employee with years of experience in their position. They are leaving the company. What have you done to make a smooth transition to the next person to fill that job? Sadly, the answer is often little or nothing. Let’s take a closer look at the position transition, also known more [...]

Using Six Sigma in an HR Environment

Six Sigma is a methodology that is used to improve processes, whether they are from manufacturing or services. Human Resources is a major business department that provides services to an organization. Marcia Rhodes from WorldatWork TV interviews Michaela Leo, Compensation Leader with a major pharmaceutical firm to learn how Six Sigma can be used to [...]

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