As artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics continue to grow in use, how do they fit with Lean and Six Sigma methodologies? We’ll look at several possible answers to this question from an overview of their working together, to caveats to be concerned about, some applications in conjunction with analytics, and finally a video on guidelines for inserting AI into your business processes.


 Artificial Intelligence and Six Sigma Working Together


In an article from TechTarget titled “How Data Science and AI Complement Lean Six Sigma,” Author Loganberger discusses how artificial intelligence and Lean Six Sigma complement each other.

We reproduce two key quotes from the short article below.


“Data analytics can enhance Lean Six Sigma tools and Lean Six Sigma helps to identify areas for applying data analytics.

When applying them together, it is possible for businesses to become more efficient and competitive.”

“Using Lean Six Sigma techniques, it is possible to identify the causes of variations and prioritize the best way to remove them.

The use of machine learning and AI has increased the need to effectively analyze processes, and Lean Six Sigma can provide this.”

You can access the article here.


Caveats of Using AI and Machine Learning with Six Sigma


Paul Allen from Complexity Made Simple discusses caveats when applying AI and machine learning.


You can watch his video presentation here.


Analytics and Lean Manufacturing


In an article from titled “The Future of Lean: Advanced Analytics Breathe New Life into Aging Six Sigma Initiatives,” author Allison Buenemann of Seeq Corporation discusses the use of analytics in continuous improvement.

A key quote from the article:

“Advanced analytics applications are expanding the [Lean Six Sigma] toolsets by which these methodologies are applied,

broadening their application to include previously unsolvable use cases.”

The author highlights two use cases:

  • Product Quality Monitoring – Petrochemical Manufacturer
  • Clean in Place Cycle Optimization – Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
You can read Allison’s article here.


Inserting AI into Business Processes


Raj Remesh, AI practitioner and consultant, currently Data/AI-ML Architect for State Farm, discusses how to insert AI into business processes and the critical success factors.


You can watch his video presentation here.


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