Online ordering has continued to rapidly increase, particularly over the last year. How can one fulfill orders and keep the customer satisfied? We’ll hear from three sources about intelligent order fulfillment.

First, from HighJump (now Körber), a company that provides integrated systems for warehouse, transportation, and logistics that helps large organizations address eCommerce orders.

Craig Moore, VP of Sales, North America raises the questions that must be taken into account  by larger organizations to address the complexity of effectively fulfilling eCommerce orders.

You can Craig’s presentation here.

Next, we’ll learn how individual small business owner Olivia Hayward fulfills her eCommerce orders.

Olivia takes us through the process steps she uses based on a great deal of experience.

  • Check your email and 3rd party messages for any requests/changes
  • Recommends using ShipStation
  • Check ShipStation for notes from the buyer
  • Process order
  • Print shipping label
  • Print pick list (master copy of things sold in a day)
  • Print packing lists. Thank customers with handwritten notes.
  • Pull all orders for the day and put in organized bins
  • Place items to package within easy reach
  • Double check name on packing slip with name on shipping label

You can view Olivia’s video here.

Finally, two experts from Accenture Logistics will briefly discuss how to put customers at the center with intelligent fulfillment.

“A resilient and responsible customer-centric supply chain embedded with digital capabilities needs to be anchored on four characteristics.”

  • Tailored: Using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics
  • Agile: Create multiple supply chains tailored to specific segments
  • Trustworthy: Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Transparency
  • Innovative: Leverage innovative technologies such as digital assistants, connected household devices

You can read the short article from the January 2021 issue of Logistics Management by Sean Simmons and Michael Reiss. 

Want to learn more about intelligent order fulfillment for your company or organization? Access the article with this link.