Cardboard or corrugated fiberboard boxes are used throughout the world for packaging. Lean and Six Sigma are used to improved production and reduce waste. We’ll look at applications from Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, and Egypt and reference a video on how corrugated cardboard boxes are made.

Finally, we include a link to a related previously published ISSSP Blog on Lean in packaging.


Using Lean Manufacturing to Increase Production Results: Indonesia


In a paper titled “Planning for Improvement of Carton Box Production Process using Lean Manufacturing Approach to Increase Production Results at PT. Kati Kartika Murni,” authors Raihanah Yusuf and Sumiharni Batubara discuss the application of Lean tools to identify and reduce existing waste.

The paper includes:

  • Manufacturing Lead Time (Before)
  • Process Cycle Efficiency (Before)
  • Takt Time
  • Current State Value Stream Map
  • Waste Assessment Model
  • Value Stream Analysis Tools Result
  • Process Activity Mapping
  • FMEA for Transportation Waste
  • Future State Value Stream Map
  • Results
You can read the paper here.


Using Six Sigma to Eliminate Gluing Defects: Saudi Arabia


In a case study titled “Packaging Process Optimization Using Six Sigma,” authors Sobhi Mejjaouli and Sarah Algublan discuss using Six Sigma to eliminate gluing defects.

Before applying Six Sigma tools, the duplex gluing operation had over 52% defects. Brainstorming sessions were conducted to identify potential causes of the defects.

The focus was directed to the three gluing process factors:

  • Sheet Speed (number of sheets per hour)
  • Pressure Intensity (psi)
  • Pressure Time (seconds)

The case study includes:

  • Factor Settings and Resulting Defects
    • NOTE: The authors do not mention how the setting choices were determined nor the rationale for 14 samples
  • “Optimal” Setting for Significant Factors: Speed and Pressure Time
  • Resulting Defects for Samples Using “Optimal” Settings

The defect rate was 15.6% based on the samples run at the “optimal” settings

You can read the case study here.


Value Stream Mapping for Improving Corrugated Fiber Board Manufacturing: Poland


In a short paper titled “Value Stream Mapping as Lean Production tool to improve the production process organization – case study in packaging manufacturing” author Dorota Klimecka-Tatar gives an overview of the application of Value Stream Mapping to improve fiberboard production.

The paper includes:

  • Current State Map
  • Current State Map with Proposed Improvements
  • Future State Map After Improvements
You can read Dorota’s paper here.


Integrating Lean and Six Sigma to Improve Corrugated Fiber Board Manufacturing: Egypt


In this short article titled “Integration Lean and Six Sigma to improve the performance of corrugated fiberboard “C.F.B.” manufacturing,” author Mohamed Ibrahim Zaki Ibrahim outlines the results of integrating Lean and Six Sigma and applying it to corrugated fiberboard production.

You can read his article here.


Video of Making Corrugated Cardboard Boxes


You can watch the video from International Plastics here.


ISSSP Blog on Lean in Packaging

We published a related previous blog on Lean in packaging. Read it here.


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