Welding processes are used around the world in a range of industries including aerospace, automotive, energy, construction and many others. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are used to improve the quality of the welds and the associated processes. We’ll look at three applications from Pakistan and India, and see how to implement Lean in welding operations. Then we’ll finish with an educational video on the four most common welding types.


Six Sigma Used to Reduce Welding Defects and Optimize Parameter Settings: Pakistan


In a paper titled “Optimization in MIG Welding by Using Six Sigma Tools,” authors Muhammad Mudassar Sharif and others discuss the use of Six Sigma to reduce defects and optimize parameter settings.

The paper includes:

  • Project Charter
  • Gage R&R Study
  • Cause and Effect Diagram for Defects
  • Pareto Chart of Defects
  • Analysis and Experimentation to Determine Optimum Settings

You can read the paper here.


Reducing Weld Defects Through Six Sigma: India


In a paper titled “Reduction of welding defects using Six Sigma techniques” authors  Shashank Soni and others discuss the use of Six Sigma to identify root causes of welding process failure and to eliminate the problem.

The paper includes:

  • Project Charter
  • Pareto Chart for SAW Welding Process
    • NOTE: SAW is Submerged Arc Welding
  • CTQ Tree
  • Process Map
  • Pareto Analysis of Defects
  • Cause and Effect Diagram
  • Why-Why Analysis
  • Final Action for Validation Method
  • Machine Process: Before and After
  • Implementation Process: Before and After

You can read the paper here.


Six Sigma Applied to Spot Weld Components: India


In a paper titled “Improve the productivity of spot weld components by implementing Six Sigma in manufacturing Industry” authors Nirav Sindha and Kinjal Suthar discuss a project to reduce production lead time and increase brazing value-added time.

The paper includes:

  • Measurement Data: Products A and B
  • Problems Faced: Products A and B
  • Cause and Effect Diagrams: Products A and B
  • Multi-Voting and Cause Validation: Products A and B
  • Improvement Phase: Products A and B

You can read the paper here.


Guidelines for Implementing Lean in Welding Operations


In an article titled “Breaking through the Bottlenecks: Going Lean in the Welding Operation” Miller Welds, a major welding equipment provider,  covers guidelines for implementing Lean in welding operations.

The article discusses:

  • The Business Side of Lean
  • Standardizing and Streamlining the Process
  • Organizing and Optimizing the Weld Cell
  • Following Through for Success

You can read the article here.


Four Types of Welding Explained


MIG, TIG, Stick, and Flux Core welding types are explained in a video from TimWelds.

You can watch the video here.



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