Lean Six Sigma in the Mobile Phone Industry

Mobile phones are used in every country in the world. Lean and Six Sigma help in their production and distribution. We’ll look at three case studies from India, United Arab Emirates, and Brazil. We’ll finish with a video of how Samsung smartphones are made.   Applying Six Sigma DMAIC to Reduce Mobile Phone Soldering Defects: [...]

Lean Six Sigma in Glass Manufacturing

Glass is produced through a manufacturing process. Lean and Six Sigma are used to improve glass-making. We’ll examine examples of several glass-making processes using Lean and Six Sigma from picture tubes to windshields. We’ll finish with a video of the float glass manufacturing process. Glass Neck of Picture Tubes: India In a paper titled “Implementation [...]

Time and Motion Study

Time and motion studies have been around for well over a hundred years. Based on the foundational work of Frederick Winslow Taylor and Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, they are as relevant today whenever repetitive work is performed by humans. Set firmly in the discipline of industrial engineering, we’ll explore time and motion studies by a [...]

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