A typical cruise ship is a small floating city.  The on and off-loading of passengers and their belongings along with needed materials for trips is a major undertaking. This is called the turnaround. We’ll look at that along with cruise ship cabin construction and refurbishment and finish with a video on how Royal Caribbean cruise processes were improved.

First a short article on one Lean author’s observations of Lean on a cruise ship.


Lean Lessons from a Cruise Ship


In a short article titled “Lean lessons from a cruise ship” author Jim Lewis shares his observations of Lean tools used and where onboard.

The article lists where Lean was applied.

  • The Galley
  • The Deck
  • Kanban

You can read Jim’s article here.

 Next, let’s focus on the turnaround.


Ready to Sail Again in 10 Hours: Norwegian Cruise Lines


Let’s see a video from Fox 13 Tampa Bay on how a Norwegian Cruise Line’s cruise ship is ready to sail again in 10 hours.

You can watch the video here.



Now let’s take a look at turnaround on a  Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines ship.


Turnaround on Royal Caribbean


See the turnaround in this video by The Straits Times.

You can watch the video here.



Now let’s take a look at cruise ship cabin construction and refurbishment.


How to Build Cruise Ship Cabins


In this short video from Royal Caribbean see how cabins are constructed.

You can watch the video here.



Lean Construction and Cruise Ship Cabin Refurbishment


In a case study titled “TAKT time planning in cruise ship cabin refurbishment: lessons for Lean construction” authors Aleksi Heinonen and Olli Seppänen discuss takt time planning for cruise ship cabin refurbishment.

The case study includes:

  • Daily TAKT time of 15 wagons (Note: Work stations are called wagons)
  • Material Delivery Trolley Picture
  • Comparison of Results Between Traditional and TAKT Time Project

You can read the case study here.


Improving Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Processes


In a video from Porsche Consulting see how Royal Caribbean’s Cruise processes were improved.

You can watch the video here.



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