Water treatment plants are essential in modern life. Six Sigma helps them improve quality and reduce environmental impact and operational costs. We’ll look at Six Sigma applications from Indonesia and Romania and finish with a video of how water treatment plants work.


Using Six Sigma to Improve Water Quality in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Indonesia


In a paper titled “The Application of Six Sigma in Process Control of Raw Water Quality on Pharmaceutical Industry at Indonesia,” authors Dino Rimantho and others discuss the use of Six Sigma to improve the water treatment process in the pharmaceutical industry.

The paper includes:

  • Purified Water Standard Requirements
  • SIPOC for Raw Water Quality Control
  • Control Charts Before Improvements
  • Capability Process Analysis
  • Fishbone Diagram for Raw Water Defects
  • FMEA RPN for Water Treatment Process
  • 5W1H Results for Chlorination Process
  • Control Charts After Improvements
  • Capability Process Values Before and After Improvements

You can read the paper here.


Using Six Sigma DMAIC to Reduce Waste Water Treatment Operational Costs: Indonesia


In a case study of “Methods for Applying the Sigma Methodology to Reduce Drilling Waste Water Treatment Operational Costs”, authors Tb Dian Hardiansyah and others discuss the use of Six Sigma DMAIC to reduce operational costs.

The case study includes:

  • Voice of Business and Critical to Business Summary
  • Pareto Chart of Costs
  • Root Potential Problems
  • Solutions
  • Run Chart of Improvement

You can read the case study here.


DMAIC Principles as a Continuous Improvement Strategy for a Water Treatment Plant: Romania


In an article titled “Application of Continuous Improvement Strategy for Reducing Environmental Impact of a Wastewater Treatment Plant,” author L.D. Robescu covers the application of DMAIC principles as a continuous improvement strategy to reduce environmental impact and operational costs.

The article includes:

  • QFD Table for Environmental Impact
  • Fishbone Diagram for High Operational Costs
  • Variations for Key Influents and Effluents and Consumption

You can read the article here.


How Water Treatment Plants Work


See how treatment plants work in a video by Concerning Reality.



You can view the video here.



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