As calls for more renewable energy continue to grow, wind energy is always in the news. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are applied for improvements in the wind industry.

We’ll look at a Lean application and a Six Sigma application and finish with a time-lapse video of a wind turbine installation.


Applying Lean Kaizen to Improve Scheduled and Unscheduled Wind Service Maintenance


An article from Wind Systems Magazine titled “Wanzek Applies Lean Kaizen Approach To Improving O&M” covers Wanzek Construction’s Lean Kaizen process that addresses both scheduled and unscheduled wind service maintenance issues.

Wanzek Construction’s approach led to renewed turbine performance, reduced time resources, improved output and substantial procedural improvements.

You can read the article here.


Six Sigma Applied to Improve Supply Chain and Logistics


In a paper titled “Improving Supply Chain and Logistics in the Wind Turbine Industry using Six Sigma” authors Abhishek Ashtagi, Pablo Ripodas, and Ahad Ali discuss the application of Six Sigma DMAIC to improve Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energies practices in the United States market.

The paper includes:

  • Case Study Flowchart
  • Project Charter
  • SIPOC Diagram
  • USA Market Opportunities and Suppliers
  • USA Suppliers for Blades, Nacelles and Towers
  • Blades, Nacelles, and Towers Price Comparisons
  • Logistics FMEA
  • Poka Yoke Chart
  • Operating Rhythm Chart

The project goal to reduce the cost of wind turbine production by 10% was met through supplier selection.

You can access the paper here.


Video of Wind Turbine Installation


Watch this time-lapse video of Charlestown wind turbine installation from onsite studios.


You can view the video here.



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