Lean and Six Sigma aid in the production of musical instruments. We’ll see how Lean and Six Sigma improve the quality of piano manufacturing and the production of musical instrument strings, and finish with a video of how trumpets are made.


Six Sigma DMAIC Phases Applied to Piano Manufacturing: Indonesia


In a paper titled “Minimization of Defective Products in The Department of Press Bridge & Rib Through Six Sigma DMAIC Phases,” authors Y.A. Rochman and A. Agustin discuss the use of Six Sigma DMAIC phases in piano manufacturing.

Five defect types were dominant in piano manufacturing: broken ribs, broken sound boards, strained ribs, rib sliding, and Minori soundboard.

The paper includes:

  • SIPOC Diagram
  • Current State Value Stream Map
  • Pareto Charts of Rib Defects and Sound Board
  • Fishbone Diagrams for Each of Five Defect Types
  • FMEA Analysis
  • Proposed Solutions Based on FMEA Analysis

You can access the paper here.

[Citation: YA Rochman and A Agustin 2017 IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 215 012035]


Using Lean Six Sigma to Improve Quality and Reduce Waste in Electonic Musical Instrument Manufacturing: Indonesia


In a paper titled “Evaluation of Product Quality Improvement Against Waste in the Electronic Musical Instrument Industry,” authors Hendra Hendra, Indra Setiawan, Hernadewita Hernadewita, and Hermiyetti focus on the use of Lean Six Sigma to improve quality and reduce waste on the piano side board production.

The paper includes:

  • Side Board Operation Process Chart
  • Pareto Chart of Wastes
  • Side Board Flow Process Chart
  • Side Board Value Stream Mapping
  • Fishbone Diagrams for Scratch Defect, Over Production, and Transportation
  • FMEA RPN Calculations
  • Before and After Improvement Comparisons

You can read the paper here.


Lean Manufacturing in the Making of Strings for Musical Instruments: New York


In an article from Plant Services  J. Stanton McGroarty discusses how the D’Addario String Plant employs Lean Manufacturing in the manufacture of strings for musical instruments.

Craig Harbauer, director of operations — East Coast production discusses their Lean Initiative.

You can read the article here.


Video of Trumpet Making


Watch Yamaha Trumpet Making with World-Renowned Trumpet Player Jens Lindemann


You can view the video here.


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