In 2015, across the OECD-developed countries, 19.5% of the adult population was obese. This rate ranged from less than 6% in Korea and Japan to more than 30% in Hungary, New Zealand, Mexico, and the United States. More than one in four adults is obese in Australia, Canada, Chile, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.*  Lean Six Sigma can aid in the delivery of obesity treatments. We’ll look at several applications and finish with a video of the most obese nation on earth.



Process Improvement for Obesity Treatment

In a doctoral thesis titled “A Process Improvement for the Treatment of Obesity in Primary Care” author

James Raymond Fix discusses the Six Sigma framework applied for process improvement to address the

barriers to effective and adequate strategies to promote weight management among obese adults in the primary care environment.

The thesis includes:

  • Methodology by DMAIC Phase
  • Results by DMAIC Phase

Copy and paste the following link into your browser to read the thesis.

[Citation: Fix, James Raymond, "A Process Improvement for the Treatment of Obesity in Primary Care" (2014).Doctoral Dissertations. 16.]


Applying Six Sigma to Control Obesity

In his LinkedIn post, “Fat Control the Lean Six Sigma Way,” Richard Lamb details the steps to controlling obesity via the DMAIC phase.

You can read the post here:


Evaluation of an Obesity Intervention Program Using Six Sigma Methodology

In a paper titled “The Evaluation of Workplace Obesity Intervention Program using Six Sigma Methodology,” authors Ji Yeon Kang and others discuss the use of Six Sigma methodology to develop,

evaluate, and implement an effective obesity intervention program.

The paper includes a detailed flowchart of the Six Sigma methodology used.

You can read the paper here:


A Lean Six Sigma Project to Develop and Implement Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Obesity Treatment

In a poster of a Lean  Six Sigma project titled “Development and Implementation of Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Obesity in the Primary Care Setting,” authors Kathleen Mcfadden and others present the results of a Lean Six Sigma project to

  • Identify resources and barriers to implementing Intensive Behavioral Therapy (IBT) in the primary care practices
  • Create achievable countermeasures to overcome identified barriers to the initial implementation of IBT at two pilot practices.

The poster includes:

  • Team Charter
  • A3 Template
  • Fishbone Diagram
  • Survey Results

 NOTE: This Six Sigma Project poster is very large. To view the entire poster on a single page, please view it at 30% size. To access the poster, copy and paste the following link into your browser.


The Most Obese Nation on Earth

Learn about the island nation of Nauru, where 94.5% of the population is obese, and see how that occurred in this video by Josh Brett.




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