Textiles are manufactured through a production process. As such, Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are candidates for process improvement. We’ll introduce six textile case studies from around the world that used Six Sigma and Lean.

six sigma textile industry

Tunisia: Six Sigma and PDCA

Egypt: Lean Six Sigma

India: Lean Six Sigma

Jordan: Six Sigma

Thailand: Six Sigma

Ecuador: Lean

Tunisian Textile Case Study

In an article titled “Application of Six Sigma in Clothing SMEs: A case study” Authors N. Abbes, N. Sejri , Y. Chaabouni3, and M. Cheikhrouhou discuss the application of Six Sigma DMAIC and PDCA to Tunisian small and medium sized enterprises. The study presents a case on minimizing tissue cutting defects in a  laying carriage.

You can access the case study here.

Egyptian Textile Case Study

In a case study titled “Implementation of Lean Six Sigma in the Yarn Manufacturing: A Case Study”  Tarek M. Ibrahim discusses the application of Lean and Six Sigma to the final stage of yarn manufacturing.

You can read the case using this link.

Indian Textile Case Study

In this case study “Lean Six Sigma Implementation in Textile Industry” authors  Rajat Ajmera, Prabhuling Umarani and K.G.Valase cover the use of Lean Six Sigma with line balancing in a garment-making factory. 

You will find the case study here.

Jordanian Textile Case Study

In a case study titled “Applying Six Sigma Methodology Based On “DMAIC” Tools to Reduce Production Defects in Textile Manufacturing” authors Mohammed T. Hayajneh,  Omar Bataineh, and Rami Al-Tawil discuss the application of  Six Sigma in a textile apparel factory.

Read their case study here.

Thai Textile Case Study

In this case study titled “Implementation Of Six Sigma: A Case  Study In Textile Company”  authors Chansiri Singhtaun and Patin Imkrajang cover the implementation of Six Sigma to solve a warp yarn rupture problem in a Thai denim weaving factory.

You can read their case study here.

Ecuadorian Textile Case Study

In their case study “Lean Manufacturing Application in Textile Industry” Leandro L. Lorente Leyva and others cover the use of Lean tools in the pajama line of a textile factory.

You can access their extensive use of Lean case study here.