Large and small libraries still have in-person borrowing. Lean and Six Sigma aid in managing and improving the processes. We’ll look at applications for library management focusing on improving the service quality. Then we’ll list a free resource on Lean for librarians and a video on RFID for library management.


Implementing Six Sigma to Increase Service Quality in Academic Libraries


In a paper titled “Implementation of Six Sigma in Academic Libraries for Increasing Service Quality,” author Abhijit Chakrabarti discusses widening the scope of Six Sigma for Academic Library Management. Several case studies of library Six Sigma implementation are referenced.

Case Studies referenced:

  • Newcastle University Library, Newcastle, UK
  • University of Arizona Library, Arizona, US
  • Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea
  • Jayakar Library, University of Pune, India

The author also lists potential areas of application:

  • Acquisition
  • Classification and Cataloguing
  • Circulation
  • Stack Maintenance
  • Inter-Library Loan
  • Reference Service
You can read the paper here.


A Feasibility Study for Implementing Six Sigma in Libraries: India


In a study titled "Feasibility study for the implementation of Six Sigma in Sinhgad institute(stes) libraries for enhancing the quality of library processes and services,” authors Amita Pradhan and Swati Vijay discuss the potential implementation of Six Sigma in libraries by focusing on issues that the five-campus libraries are facing.


Issues Listed Include:

  • Library Areas where Faculty Experience a Problem
  • Library Counter Related Issues
  • Reasons for Not Coming to Library
  • Membership Enrollment Issues
  • Student Membership Issues
  • Library Areas where Library Staff Experience a Problem
  • User Related Issues with Students
  • Findings from User’s Perspective
  • Findings from Library Staff Perspective


The study is available for download here.


Applying Lean Six Sigma Principles to Create Library User Value: Singapore


In a case study titled “Leveraging the principles of Lean Six Sigma in creating value for the User Community,” author Shameem Nilofar Maideen discusses an evidence-based approach to create library user value using Lean Six Sigma principles.

The case study focuses on library PC usage and the associated space design.

Elements included:

  • PC Usage Periods
  • PC Usage Survey
  • Activities on Public PCs
  • Problems Faced on Public PC Usage
  • Study Recommendations
You can read Shameem’s case study here.


Applying DMAIC to Improve Library Acquisition


In a paper titled “Integration of DMAIC with Library Acquisition: A Phenomenal Approach,” authors Abdulaziz Ibrahim Alomran and Imtiaz Basha explain how the DMAIC phases should be applied to library acquisition.

For each phase of DMAIC, the authors outline what the acquisition department should do.

You can read their paper here.


An eBook on Lean for Librarians


Check out “Lean for Librarians: in Theory and in Practice,” a free eBook from Taylor & Francis.

Download the free eBook here.


See How a Small Library Implements Library Management: India


RFID Library Management for small libraries is discussed in this video from STAR Web Groups.

You can view the video here.


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