As we take time with our family and friends this Thanksgiving, it's always important to remember the reasons we are grateful. As proud practitioners of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, we thought we would apply some of its general principles to this wonderful holiday.

While one of Six Sigma's focuses is on the customer, we'll apply the same principles to our audience here, which is family and friends. So how can you get ready for the holiday, Six Sigma style?

  1. Focus on the requirements of your loved ones. What is important to them will make their Thanksgiving memorable. What are their favorite dishes? Music? Create an ambiance of welcoming and you will surely make an impression.
  2. Involve all family and friends in cross-functional teams. This would work well for a potluck style Thanksgiving! It is all about teamwork and working together for the common goal. Imagine the sense of accomplishment when everyone brings their own dish and feels part of a bigger purpose.
  3. Be flexible and adaptable. It’s the best way to show others you care very much and that you are grateful for this Thanksgiving day together.

Let's take this to the next level with one of our handy Lean Six Sigma tools. How can you ensure great Thanksgiving Day festivities? Let's apply the PDCA Cycle, also known as Deming Cycle. 


As a refresher:

P (Plan): Identify your problem and find the root cause using the 5 Whys.

D (Do): After you’ve identified your problem and found the root cause, brainstorm possible solutions. Test the solution you believe has the most potential and perform a small pilot test.

C (Check): Assess your findings on that small pilot test. If you find that improvement is needed, then go ahead and make the necessary changes and repeat the “check” phase once again.

A (Act): Execute the solution.

From continuous improvement to creating less waste and working as a team, this simple template can really help on a big day like Thanksgiving where a lot of preparation is involved. Make it fun and interactive for the entire group!

From the team at ISSSP, wishing you all the best this Thanksgiving!