In response to requests from the Lean Six Sigma professional community, non-profit organization International Society for Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP) will be formally launching accreditation of training organizations on November 14th, 2019. Accreditation will be offered to organizational members of ISSSP who qualify.

Survey results indicated the desire for ISSSP to offer accreditation. A formal Accreditation Advisory Committee was approved by the board of directors, consisting of highly qualified volunteer members who are committed to ensuring Lean Six Sigma training programs provide value. These volunteers do not own a training organization

The Accreditation Advisory Committee will approve the minimum requirements for training organization accreditation which will include the necessity of a real Six Sigma project and equivalent days of training depending on the Belt level.

"To see the full impact of LSS, it is crucial to ensure the training you're investing in is of high quality and setting a solid foundation to build upon," said Kim Roquemore, member of the ISSSP Accreditation Advisory Committee. "Unfortunately, with a simple Google search, you will be inundated with many different types of training that have varied approaches and requirements. In order to align standards, reduce variation and promote competency, ISSSP accreditation is needed. Through accreditation, a standard will be set for future LSS professionals to measure their education against.”

"Having been a Lean and Six Sigma professional for nearly 30 years I have worked with many colleagues who cited LSS Black Belt certifications,” said Steven Jones, member of the ISSSP Accreditation Advisory Committee. “But when speaking with them about how they were trained and certified, I continue to see a great deal of variation. ISSSP offering accreditation is important for establishing a standard for what it means to be a high quality Lean Six Sigma training organization. The ISSSP accreditation is a great step in reducing this variation and increasing the level of trust students and organizations can have when selecting a training partner.”

Founded in 1997 with the goal of bringing Lean Six Sigma professionals together and fostering the growth of the methodology, ISSSP formally became a non-profit organization in July 2018 with the intent to bring awareness to the value that Lean Six Sigma brings to the business community. By offering accreditation, ISSSP plans to elevate the current standards of training in the field. 

Remember, an accredited training provider label is only as good as the organization that offers it. You should always do your due diligence regarding the training organization and the accrediting body. Learning the details about both will ensure that you find a quality training program.