ISSSP, the non-profit International Society of Six Sigma Professionals, providing a forum and resources for Lean, Six Sigma, and Operational Excellence practitioners, is proud to announce its June webinar.

We are honored to have Mark Anderson and Pat Whitcomb, Principals at Stat-Ease, and Design of Experiments experts to be our speakers on Wednesday, July 17, 2019.

Topic: Strategy of Mixture Experimentation

The speakers will present experiment-design and modeling methods for mixtures through real-world examples that ultimately lead to the “sweet spot”—a formulation meeting all product specifications and provide valuable tips and tricks for formulation development tailored to Six Sigma.

This webinar is a must for Six-Sigma experts from all industries. “Those professionals who produce or purchase products that depend on chemistry, such as food products, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and paints will find this particularly helpful,” said Mark Anderson, lead presenter of the webinar. To find out more about this webinar and to register, click here.

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