Mapping Problem-Solving Methodologies

There are many problem methodologies used for process improvement. We’ll look at discussions and articles from experts on the comparisons among some of the more well-known approaches. If an article has a summary comparison chart, we reproduce it. We finish with a short video on mathematician George Polya’s 4-step Problem Solving approach. Approaches Mentioned: PDCA [...]

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Lean Applications in Knife Manufacturing

Knives of all types have always been essential, whether for commercial or personal use. We’ll look at the application of Lean in knife manufacturing from top manufacturers and finish with a video of how a top of the line chef’s knife is made.   Lean at Gerber Gear   In an article titled “4 Challenges [...]

The Gaming Industry: Roles for Lean Six Sigma

In 2023, the video games market is projected to reach a revenue of US $249.60 bn*. How are Lean and Six Sigma used in game development? We’ll refer to two resources that discuss how to use Lean Six Sigma in game development and see a Lean Six Sigma job description from one of the major [...]

Lean, Turnaround, and Improvement in the Cruise Industry

A typical cruise ship is a small floating city.  The on and off-loading of passengers and their belongings along with needed materials for trips is a major undertaking. This is called the turnaround. We’ll look at that along with cruise ship cabin construction and refurbishment and finish with a video on how Royal Caribbean cruise [...]

Alcoholic Beverage Industry: Lean Six Sigma Improvements

Alcoholic beverages are widely consumed around the world. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are used to improve their production processes. We’ll look at applications from the USA, Nigeria, and South Africa and finish with a video of how bourbon is made. NOTE: The following link lists the 30 largest alcoholic beverage companies worldwide with a [...]

Film Making: Applying Lean and Six Sigma

The first short movie is attributed to Eadweard J. Muybridge who created an 11 frame short of a running horse in 1878. The first motion picture was created by Louis Le Prince in 1888.* The global box office for 2021 was estimated at $21.4 billion.** We’ll take a look at the application of Lean and [...]

The Tractor Industry: Roles for Lean and Six Sigma

The global tractor market is estimated to be $137 billion U.S. Dollars in 2022.* While the figures are dated in the next source, they give an indication of how large the number of tractors are in the world. It lists the number of tractors for each of 147 countries as of 2000. The U.S. was  [...]

Improving Juice Production with Lean Six Sigma

Revenue in the juices segment amounts to US $116.80bn in 2023.* We’ll look at applications of Lean and Six Sigma from Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Haiti and finish with a video of how various juices are produced. *Source   Optimizing Guava Juice Production Using Lean Six Sigma: Indonesia   In a study titled “Study on optimization [...]

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Clinical Trials with Lean Six Sigma Applications

Clinical trials are essential for the development and approval of new drugs. Lean and Six Sigma methods are useful in the clinical trial environment. We’ll look at their application and finish with a video on the four phases of clinical trials.   Lean and Six Sigma Potential Application in Clinical Trial Sites   An article [...]

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