Virtual Reality (VR) is not just for video games. This excellent video from Digital Engineering and Magic, provider of VR training for the Electrical Power Industry, shows you an example of what it is actually like in safety training for OSHA Standards. You can view the video here.

In a recent article by Gary Forger (March 9, 2020), Contributing Editor for Modern Materials Handling Magazine, discusses the state of the art of Virtual Reality for Forklift Driver Training. 

  • Overall, probably 10,000 lift truck operators have gone through VR training.
    • VR Training is in early stages of adoption. Only 5% of drivers have been trained.
  • VR Training delivers well-trained operators in less time
  • VR Training is also a career development tool
  • VR is a screening tool. Is someone suitable to drive a forklift?
  • VR fits in between a lecture and hands-on training
  • GE Appliances reduced training time by 50%
    • Also there was no risk to drivers or appliances during VR Training

You can read Gary’s article “When Virtual Reality is More Than Real” here.

To experience an example of VR Forklift Training – see this video from CHRP – India.

Do you see applications for VR Training in your organization?