With today’s myriad ways for generating huge amounts of data, organizations need more than ever to have a data management plan.

Jared Hillam, VP of Emerging Technologies at INTRICITY, discusses the top ten mistakes made in data management. Here is his list.

  1. Flaky Data Management Plan
    1. No strategy in place for managing data
  2. Tools Used Instead of a Data Management Plan
    1. Without a strategy in place, data management tools may be under or over utilized
  3. No Meta Data Management
    1. Where is your data going? How did it get there? What transitions did it go through?
  4. Master Data is not Mastered (Instead it resides in various applications, etc.)
    1. Are there several versions of a customer across all your systems? Which one is right?
  5. Data Quality is Thought of as an IT function
    1. This perception will inhibit any progress in fixing data quality challenges.
    2. IT didn’t create the data. The business must be involved to determine its correctness.
  6. A Data Warehouse is NOT a Big Database
    1. A data warehouse is not a dumping ground for report tables.
  7. Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing are separated by a management wall
    1. Business intelligence and data warehousing teams must work together to ensure that tactical and strategic data requests are handled appropriately.
  8. Self-service Business Intelligence = Lack of Understanding/Responsibility
    1. This can create an environment where there is no shared or governed data for the larger organization.
  9. Big Data is a Panacea
    1. It has become one of the latest buzzwords.
  10. Assuming Goodwill with the Security of your Data
    1. Insider negligence is involved in an estimated 88% of data breaches

You can watch Jared’s video here.

Jared is also the author and producer of the Data Management Video Blog, INTRICITY101 of which this video is an example. You can access all the videos here.

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