Blockchain has been widely discussed. What is blockchain, and where does Lean Six Sigma fit in? First, we’ll hear from two experts about blockchain and its benefits and challenges. Then we’ll hear from two experts on blockchain and its relation to Lean and Six Sigma.

Briefly, blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that is distributed among all the computer systems in the given blockchain.

But let’s get the blockchain details from experts Ben Amaba of IBM and Simply Explained.

First, we have an interview with Ben Amaba of IBM conducted by Ed Pound of Factory Physics titled “The Operations Science of Blockchain: Benefits and Challenges Explained.”

You can access the interview here.

Second, let’s hear from a blockchain explanatory video from Simply Explained titled “How does a blockchain work - Simply Explained”.


You can watch this highly informative video here.


Blockchain and Lean Six Sigma


In an article titled “Blockchain and Lean Six Sigma,” Andy Spinks, Industry Analyst and owner ThoughtsandExecutive IT Consultancy gives an in depth discussion of blockchain and the relation with Lean Six Sigma.

Mr. Spinks feels that blockchain complements Lean Six Sigma and that a blockchain infrastructure might help a company interested in implementing Lean Six Sigma.


You can read the article here.


Blockchain and Lean Manufacturing


In an article titled “Blockchain benefits for Lean manufacturing” from Plant Engineering, Becky Morgan, president of Fulcrum Consulting Works, Inc says that “Blockchain can provide benefits to larger manufacturers looking to improve their Lean operations and reduce waste.”


You can read the article here.


Lean Blockchain


In an article from the Association for Manufacturing Excellence titled “Lean Blockchain” Becky Morgan again discusses the relationship between Lean and blockchain.


You can read her thoughts here.


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